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Do We Take Randy Orton For Granted?

Randy Orton is one of the most underrated superstars of all time. His combination of looks, grace, flow and in-ring ability bring his character to near perfection. Orton’s true talent lies in his ability to slide into whatever role is needed of him in order to carry a feud, a championship, or put over anyone with an accomplished victory.

Orton’s career is interesting because, although he is one of the most accomplished WWE Champions of all time, his aura, perception and importance in the last decade is something that most fans feel very differently about. You won’t really find an argument regarding his abilities. The business is in his blood. The performer gifted with everything a pro wrestler can be given. Randy Orton is great, but there’s a really interesting discussion on whether Randy Orton is appreciated, or overrated.

(Courtesy of Fanpop.com)

(Courtesy of Fanpop.com)

Randy Orton is an eight-time WWE Champion and a four-time World Heavyweight Champion. Orton is also a former Intercontinental Champion as well as a Tag Team Champion. He’s won a Royal Rumble, won and cashed in Money in the Bank and he’s been in the main event of WrestleMania twice. Orton is also the only man on the active roster that has the same longevity as John Cena since roughly 2002.

Cena is going to be remembered as the greatest WWE Champion of all time, Orton won’t. Those two have gone one-on-one in big-match situations 16 times over their careers and Cena has won 10 of those matches.

What’s especially interesting is that more than once in his career, Orton has been so hot and over as a heel that he’s been transitioned into a babyface purely by the will of the WWE fans. Meanwhile, John Cena has had a forced mixed reaction from fans for the majority of his career that has gone on to define his relationship with wrestling fans.

Orton has been around just as long. He’s been in a huge amount of high profile matches and feuds. He’s been over-pushed on the WWE product from time to time. He’s had 12 title reigns, but Orton doesn’t have the same mixed, or negative reaction and relationship to the WWE fans that Cena has. People don’t disrespect Randy Orton despite being one of the major heels of WWE for over a decade. It’s a valid question to ask.

(Courtesy of theshootonline.com)

(Courtesy of theshootonline.com)

It’s not that Orton doesn’t have his detractors. There are plenty of fans that will tell you how bland he is, or how poor and robotic his work is on the microphone. Orton isn’t a perfect wrestler, but in the ring, he’s one the smoothest and most beautiful performers of any era. His grace in the ring is legendary. Orton has the best Superplex in the business and has always been in the top three for best Dropkick in the business as well.

It’s funny how someone so under-appreciated can have such an impressive resume, but that could be because Orton isn’t as loud, or forced to the WWE product as someone like John Cena has been. In a world where Cena doesn’t exist, Orton could become the performer fans would love unconditionally, or hate into oblivion no matter what he accomplishes. Randy Orton is going to age extremely well in wrestling history. The Legend Killer is timeless.

(Courtesy of http://1.bp.blogspot.com/)

(Courtesy of 1.bp.blogspot.com)

While many see Orton as a gem in this industry, there are many that don’t see anything other than a good performer pushed because of his affiliation with The Game, his surname, his upper hand in backstage politics and a lot of personal issues that have been wiped under the rug because of the ocean of talent he carries. His attitude problem has been well documented, but that hasn’t been a serious issue for many years now.

Having said that, if Randy Orton is to be considered overrated, that could come from the fact that he benefited from being good in the ring, but playing it safe. Orton isn’t a high flier, but he focuses on match psychology. His match style is slow and methodical, which hurts him for people who don’t appreciate good psychology. Orton also can have a hard time being someone who stands still on the roster rather than being the breath of fresh air for the roster.

His ability to show a louder charisma and a louder charm is something that a lot of people think he lacks. His charisma is based on body language, but his ability to bring energy to the product is questionable if you’re not a fan of the RKO, or Orton’s in-ring style.

Randy Orton Pose (Courtesy of Betweentheropes.com)

Randy Orton Pose (Courtesy of Betweentheropes.com)

You’re going to feel strongly about him one way, or the other.

Whether you think he’s underrated, or overrated; Randy Orton is one of the greatest superstars of all time. He’s a first ballot WWE Hall of Famer. Randy Orton is a performer that will always bring quality in the ring and when the time is right, he’s the perfect balance of performer to pull off anything required. He’s a chameleon of this business. There is a lot more to Randy Orton than meets the eye, or maybe there isn’t. It just depends on what you’re looking for.

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