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New Day Moving Up the Card Has Tremendous Potential

Unbelievably, the New Day has managed to get over with fans after being roasted in arenas across the country upon their debut. In the mold of Bo Dallas (NXT Dallas, that is), their cheery, psuedo-motivational act has thrived as the group commits more underhanded tactics. The WWE catches a lot of flak, often deservingly so, but they, and the group itself, have earned tons of credit for turning this faction around.

The New Day has been key to revitalizing the tag team division, but, if you watched Raw, you know that the group looks to be on to bigger and better things. It didn’t appear that way at first, as Big E took a clean loss to John Cena in the United States Championship open challenge. If anything, it seemed like a surprising choice for the show’s final segment. However, the resulting New Day rampage left Cena, Dolph Ziggler and the Dudleyz — four of WWE’s more popular acts — decimated and the New Day standing tall to close the show.

It’s hard to believe the WWE took this route with the intent of the New Day remaining strictly a tag team act. At least, as the division stands now. Of course, they can still compete in and reign over the tag team division, but they could’ve done that without the emphatic statement as well. No, it seems like the WWE’s got bigger plans for the New Day. And perhaps the tag team division too.

Is Big E squaring off with the WWE's biggest star a sign of things to come? (courtesy of WWE.com)

Is Big E squaring off with the WWE’s biggest star a sign of things to come? (courtesy of WWE.com)

So, then, what exactly might the company have in mind? Well, in that regard, there’s a wealth of opportunity.

For starters, the group will need to continue this newfound vicious streak if they’re to be taken as a credible threat at or near the top of cards. They can still be the over-the-top, pandering group so many of us have come to love, but they’ll need to do so while maintaining a threatening aura. Think of them as a strange, strange cross between the Spirit Squad and the Shield.

So long as that prerequisite is met, the tag champs can take their act to a more high profile stage and, in turn, elevate the titles they hold. For instance, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, former Shield teammates, are currently in alliance. Once their program with the Wyatts is up, the New Day can target them — anointing themselves the greatest three-man group in WWE history. With apologies to the Three Man Band of course.

New Day may have to settle for second-best trio. (courtesy of WWE.com)

New Day may have to settle for second-best trio. (courtesy of WWE.com)

Of course, such a statement would likely elicit a backlash from Bray Wyatt and his deranged cohorts. The strange, yet delightful promo work, between these two stables alone is enough to make that a program worth seeing. It may be heel vs. heel, but given the characters involved, most fans wouldn’t have a hard time picking a side to root for. Not to mention that getting the titles involved in either program would, as mentioned previously, take them to another level.

Another, perhaps more unlikely option, worth entertaining is that of the New Day vs. The Brothers of Destruction. The Undertaker and his brother, Kane, will reportedly reunite for some live shows later this month. Since Kane’s dawned his mask once again, and Undertaker seems to be in the midst of a farewell tour, it’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which the WWE doesn’t take this cash cow to the main stage.

Given how the New Day’s fared on the microphones in their program against the Dudleyz, one can envision them verbally bashing the imposing, legendary force of Taker and Kane as well. With an assist from a bit of bickering between brothers, and perhaps a distraction from the always-pesky Xavier Woods, the New Day could likely pull off a victory in this scenario too. After all, if this is the Phenom’s last go-round, he has to square off with perhaps his greatest rival one last time.

The Brothers of Destruction setting their sights on the New Day would likely be welcomed by many fans. (courtesy of WWE.com)

The Brothers of Destruction setting their sights on the New Day would likely be welcomed by many fans. (courtesy of WWE.com)

The potential elevation of the New Day leaves singles titles in play also. John Cena’s reportedly taking time off after Hell in a Cell and, thus, it stands to reason that he’ll drop the now-coveted U.S. Title at the event. That may not be to a member of the New Day, but it doesn’t mean they couldn’t challenge whoever picks up the title for it afterward. With Big E and Kofi Kingston both former mid-card champions, and both afforded more TV time than ever before, they’d surely prove credible.

Nobody from the New Day figures to be a WWE Championship contender anytime soon, if ever, but that doesn’t mean that, together, they can’t be among the more imposing forces in the promotion. The cohesion of this group could see it develop into a force as intimidating as there is in the WWE — aside from Brock Lesnar, of course. It’s simply a matter of the WWE following up on an angle bursting with promise.


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