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Tyler Breeze Has Entered the Building

Tyler Breeze has finally gotten what he deserves. Last night during SmackDown’s taping for this week in Austin, Texas, Breeze had his debut during the MizTV segment involving Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae.

Ziggler and Summer were discussing their feelings for one another during the recent feud with Rusev and Lana. That doesn’t make a lot of sense considering they had no on air chemistry. Ziggler said he is done with her, but Summer said that she’s found another man. A real man.

Enter Tyler Breeze onto the main roster. It’s a shame that Breeze has to be attached to Summer Rae because he can honestly carry himself without a heater, but putting a woman on him as disliked as Summer may do Breeze some good. He’s never had a full-time female associated with him as a valet prior to Summer, so it may be interesting to see Breeze have Summer by his side. Not going to lie, “Summer Breeze” has a great ring to it.

(Courtesy of SEScoops.com)

Prince Pretty (Courtesy of SEScoops.com)

During his debut on this week’s SmackDown, the “King of Cuteville” cut a promo. He’ll likely be placed in a feud with Ziggler, too. Don’t get me wrong, “The Show Off” vs. “Prince Pretty” sounds great on paper. I just don’t think this feud will be the best use of Breeze’s introduction to the WWE Universe, and I don’t believe this is the best way utilize Dolph Ziggler right now.

First of all, it’s odd that Breeze debuted on the SmackDown right before the Hell in a Cell PPV. Personally, I thought he was going to debut on Sunday during John Cena’s Open Challenge. I thought Breeze was the next United States Champion. A feud with Dolph Ziggler is a good idea, but is anyone else afraid that Breeze will just be added to the awkward Summer, Rusev and Lana love triangle?

(Courtesy of dailywrestlingnews.com)

(Courtesy of dailywrestlingnews.com)

Hopefully, that is not the case, and WWE is booking Breeze to do his own thing. What makes Tyler Breeze work as a character is his ability take the supermodel gimmick that shouldn’t work in wrestling, and then turn on the wrestling skills and turn out consistently good match on a regular basis with any opponent. Sounds very similar to Ziggler doesn’t it?

I suppose that’s why WWE thought it was a good idea to put them together and let them work out the rest. Frankly, Breeze has a much better character than Ziggler, but Dolph is a better wrestler. That evens them out again. I’m struggling to figure out why WWE decided to bring Breeze up into a feud with Ziggler when his debut could have been saved for Hell in a Cell, or the next night on Raw. Booking Breeze to debut on SmackDown and align with Summer Rae post Rusev makes him seem unimportant.

Ziggler entering the ring for his match with Wyatt (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Ziggler entering the ring for his match with Wyatt (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Dolph Ziggler has had an unfortunate run in 2015. He was red hot after Survivor Series last year, but WWE didn’t do anything with him other than giving him the Intercontinental Championship. Nothing against the IC title, but Ziggler had been there and done that. Ever since then, he’s been treading water. How does being the guy to put over Tyler Breeze on the main roster help him sustain whatever momentum he has left after the Rusev feud?

There’s nothing else to say about Rusev vs. Ziggler that hasn’t already been said. It just seemed like Ziggler was finally out of the woods. On paper, any feud is difficult to book because no matter what someone has to win and the other has to lose. Certain guys can take losses and not be hurt by them. Ziggler is one of those guys, but Breeze isn’t; not on the main roster.

(Courtesy of thecoli.com)

(Courtesy of thecoli.com)

Breeze had done everything in NXT aside from becoming NXT Champion.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t in the cards for Breeze. Prince Pretty never even received the one-on-one NXT Championship match he won after becoming No. 1 contender. That’s how Breeze was being booked in NXT. Even last week, The NXT crowd was in full support of him during the battle royal.

Breeze is ready for the main roster, but a feud with Ziggler isn’t the best idea. Sure, the matches will be really good. However, if that were the absolute measuring stick to make a WWE superstar than WWE would look a lot different. Ziggler needs wins. The match with Cena a few weeks ago was a solid redirection to the right path for his resurgence. Putting over Tyler Breeze, or anyone isn’t going to do him any favors. Is his momentum that low?

(Courtesy of wrestling-edge.com)

(Courtesy of wrestling-edge.com)

I have no problem with Summer on Breeze, but I think she’d do much more with a less involved role. I thought she was good with Fandango until the feud with Layla began for his affections. I think Summer is a natural heater, but it’s been a trend that every time she gets involved in a storyline, it goes poorly. I’m a fan. I loved the BFFs in NXT, but you can’t argue her involvement in a feud makes a lot of fans lose interest because she doesn’t do anything particularly well.

Breeze is a fresh face which is what the WWE midcard could use right now. I think WWE finally realized he wasn’t doing anyone any good in NXT anymore, so why not bring him up? The problem is he’s going to hurt Ziggler; he’s being heated by Summer Rae, and he’s got a gimmick that a lot of mainstream fans are going to struggle to buy into already.

Tyler Breeze is good. He’s really good, but look at what happened to Adam Rose. If that happens to the King of Cuteville, I’ll be devastated. He’s got an uphill battle, and now we’re going to see what Tyler Breeze can do. Breeze may get involved on the preshow Sunday, which would have been a better debut. Breeze should be on Raw this Monday, and it’s entirely possible that he may still be United States Champion. Either way, Tyler Breeze has entered the building. Now, it’s time for his close up.

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