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WWE Post-Raw Superstar Power Rankings

Here’s a look at the WWE’s power rankings following the Sept. 14 edition of Raw.

10. Cesaro (Previous ranking: N/A): Everyone’s favorite Swiss import, Cesaro,  captured a win on Raw against Rusev. The Cesaro Section was as impressive as ever at the FedEx Forum in Memphis. But Cesaro still isn’t in an actual storyline, despite being incredibly over with the crowd.

9. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose (Previous ranking: N/A): The non-Seth Rollins members of the Shield finally gained some momentum in their angle with the Wyatt Family. Reigns and Ambrose teased having a third man, whose identity they’ve yet to announce. Who could it be? Savio Vega? Muhammad Hassan? I.R.S. (actually that would be awesome seeing Mike Rotunda face his son)? The possibilities are endless!!! Although it will likely be Erick Rowan…yay?

8. Wyatt Family (Previous ranking: 8): The Wyatts didn’t destroy anyone this week, rather appeared on MizTV prior to being interrupted by Ambrose and Reigns. Thus far, they’ve had the upper hand in every segment since Summerslam so they remain ahead of their counterparts.

7. Ryback (Previous ranking: 7): Ryback is still the Intercontinental Champion. He also managed to keep up in a promo with Kevin Owens. But he did do an awful Elvis impression, so he can’t be any higher than seven.

6. Kevin Owens (Previous ranking: 3): Kevin Owens is the No. 1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship. He’s also been carrying momentum as of late. “Here is your winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens???” It has a nice ring to it, I must say.

5. Dudley Boyz (Previous ranking: 6): The Dudleys looked at a monitor as two of the WWE’s other top teams squared off for the tag-team titles. But let’s be honest, they’ve looked untouchable since returning several weeks ago. Also, they will compete for the titles at Night of Champions.

4. New Day (Previous ranking: 5): This.

Every week I continue to put New Day over as the most entertaining group in WWE. But this, this is incredible. It takes a certain level of swagger to look your boss dead in the eye while dancing with his wife. It’s another story if that man is Triple H, who then proceeds to dance along. Big E, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s not forget Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. I can go on and on about all the things that makes New Day great. Instead, here’s another clip of the trio being awesome.

But don’t take my word for it, ask the only man who’s opinion truly matters in WWE:

3. Seth Rollins (Previous ranking: 2): Hey, man, do you need a hug? It’s just been one thing after another for WWE/United States/Everything else Champion Seth Rollins. So far, he’s been outsmarted by Sting on a weekly basis. He’s set to face the former WCW Champion in one match and John Cena in another. Also, let’s not forget Sheamus — as much as some of you want to. There’s a very good chance Rollins could compete in three matches at Night of Champions. Not so easy being the star, is it?

2. John Cena (Previous ranking: 4): Cena defeated Sheamus in the “Seth Rollins N.O.C. opponents” match. He later appeared as Sting’s tag-team partner and defeated Big Show and Rollins in Raw’s main event. Yes, John Cena is still the WWE’s franchise player despite possibly re-claiming his midcard title this weekend.

1. Sting (Previous ranking: 1): WWE “rookie” Sting finally got his first Raw victory by disqualification in his match with Big Show. As noted, he and Cena went on to win the spontaneous tag match that closed out the show. If momentum is the key factor, the likelihood of Sting as WWE Champion is increasing. Sunday’s event will definitely be worth the $9.99 subscription.

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