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WWE Post-Raw Superstar Power Rankings

Here’s a look at the WWE’s power rankings following the Sept. 21 edition of Raw.

10. Big Show (Previous Ranking: N/A): Hey look, Big Show knocked out internet darling Cesaro again! And he’s facing Brock Lesnar at MSG! Well, at least he’s not making another face, heel, face turn any time soon.

9. Randy Orton (Previous Ranking: N/A): Randy Orton took a short vacation to reassume his place in the Ambrose-Reigns vs. Wyatt Family angle as the honorary third member of the Shield revival tour.

8. Ryback (Previous Ranking: 7): Ryback is no longer the Intercontinental Champion. But he did pick up a victory against human wrestling buddy Bo Dallas. He also managed to scare off the new champion, Kevin Owens (!!!) after a post-match sneak attack.

7. Sheamus: (Previous Ranking: N/A): Sigh. “It’s just a matter of time” before Sheamus actually cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase. He also made waste of Mark Henry — who deserves better than that — and kind of, sort of missed his finisher by a mile before “taking two.” He also cut a very Sheamus-like post match promo warning us of the dark future ahead.

6. Wyatt Family: (Previous Ranking: 8): The Wyatt Family picked up a victory over Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and future WWE Hall of Famer/Podcast host Chris Jericho at Night of Champions. Even more impressive, they kicked off Raw despite not being Seth Rollins or the Authority.

5. New Day (Previous Ranking: 4): The greatest faction in pro wrestling enjoyed a huge week. New Day was featured on WWE Network’s “Table for 3” and were victorious over the most decorated living tag-team on planet Earth, the Dudley Boyz, on back-to-back nights. They even managed to get poor Rusev out of his rut of jobbing to Dolph Ziggler in all aspects of their angle by capturing a victory in a six-man tag. New Day, always giving via the Power of Positivity.

4. Corporate/Teacher/Dentist/Libertarian/Demon Kane: (Previous Ranking: N/A): So Kane came back to seek revenge on Seth Rollins after his victory against Sting at N.O.C. More importantly, he donned the Demon Kane mask — and wig — showcasing his darker persona. OK cool. But then, the following night, Rollins walked in on Corporate Kane, who was eerily cheerful to see him. Kane explained that there were no hard feelings for Rollins’ attack that — following a Brock Lesnar-induced beat down — kept him out of action and completely denied having even come out during the previous night’s main event. OK? The only thing more frightening than Demon Kane might be a cheerful Corporate Kane, but I digress. Split personality Kane managed to appear after Rollins’ loss to John Cena in Raw’s main event as — you guessed it — Demon Kane by dragging the champion under the ring.

3. Seth Rollins (Previous Ranking: 3) Seth Rollins was only half successful at Night of Rollins Champions, but he managed to retain WWE’s biggest prize, the World Heavyweight Championship. All the more impressive considering he was attacked by Cena, then Sting, Sheamus and finally Kane. But Rollins went right back to cowardly heel — which he plays better than anyone else — the following night and reassumed his position in an angle against a ’90s wrestling legend.

1. John Cena (Previous Ranking: 2): John Cena is John Cena. Face of the company, idol to children, etc. Cena reclaimed the United States Championship on Sunday and defeated Rollins once again on Monday. Let’s be honest, its hard to find someone with more momentum than Cena on a winning streak. And that’s no disrespect, he’s earned every bit of it since his debut. But yes, regardless of whether it be the World Heavyweight or United States Championship, a title-bearing Cena is riding a wave of momentum.

1. Kevin Owens (Previous Ranking: 1): Kevin Steen Owens (!!!) is a WWE champion. Let that sink in. The Indie-continental champion is now the Intercontinental champion. I mean, seriously, how awesome was it to see?

If you’re familiar with what made Owens so beloved by fans during his indie career then congrats to you. If you’re not, go search YouTube. Unfortunately, this is a family website and the majority of his promos can’t be linked to this article. But it’s GOLD, Jerry, GOLD! And I’d be hard pressed to find a more deserving champion right now. Plus, this:

The feels, KO, the feels. There’s no denying Owens has the most momentum he’s had since defeating Cena in his main roster debut. Hopefully he can elevate the Intercontinental title and hold it until, say, WrestleMania, just a few months after an “old friend” returns from a shoulder injury.

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