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Becky Lynch Needs Better Booking from WWE

The Divas Revolution has received mixed reviews from wrestling fans.

Some are completely on board with women’s wrestling and are more than content with it finally establishing its position in the industry. Others are, of course, still going to have a lack of interest because women’s wrestling doesn’t sell. That’s a fair point today, but it won’t always be that way.

Change occurred when the NXT women debuted and the “Divas Revolution” began. But it quickly fizzled out.

All the Divas Revolution means is that Charlotte is WWE Divas Champion, which is great. It means that Bayley and Sasha Banks get to main event NXT TakeOver, which was incredible. However, does the Divas Revolution mean empowering women, or just bring in new faces? Because if it were the latter, Becky Lynch wouldn’t be an afterthought.

(Courtesy of pwmania.com)

Becky, Paige and Charlotte (Courtesy of pwmania.com)

This isn’t about playing favorites. This is about wasting potential. Bringing up three of the best workers in NXT was a bold move. The Four Horsewomen had something really special going, but now the ball has fallen to Bayley in NXT. Charlotte is Divas Champ and Sasha Banks has the crowd reactions. What does Becky Lynch have going for her right now? That’s not an insult. That’s a legitimate complaint.

If I were in her shoes, I’d wonder what was going on. Why would you take a performer that was just starting to thrive in NXT and string her along to play second fiddle to the Bellas and her NXT comrades?

How is Becky Lynch supposed to get over if she’s not wrestling on NXT, or on Raw, or Smackdown?

WWE.com Charlotte Becky Lynch

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

OK, WWE is booking Charlotte to the moon and Nikki Bella is still in the afterglow of her title reign. It’s understandable that they can’t push everyone. Having said that, when the crowd reacts to Sasha Banks the same way for months and WWE rarely puts her on television, that’s questionable booking. When Paige goes on a rant and specifically calls out Lynch was being “the least relevant of us all,” that’s questionable.

WWE brass is pushing Charlotte. The fans are pushing Sasha Banks. How is acknowledging that Becky doesn’t have a lot of momentum supposed to help her get over? In my mind, the moment Paige told Becky that; it should have been Becky vs. Paige, not Natalya. As a character, Lynch’s attitude should have been, “Oh yeah, watch this!” If it’s me booking, it’s Paige vs. Natalya vs. Becky Lynch at Hell in a Cell.

That’ll give all three of them something to do. Paige most likely wins that match because Charlotte needs a new heel to face, but that’s the opportunity for Becky to go out there and change people’s minds about her. She’s done it before, I remember when she was river-dancing to an Irish jig on NXT. Eventually, she upped her game, became herself and became a lass kicker. That’s the Becky Lynch that should be on the main roster, or fighting in NXT. Not playing second fiddle to Charlotte, or even Paige.

(Courtesy of fansided.com)

The Lass Kicker (Courtesy of Fansided.com)

There are a lot of things to do with Becky Lynch that the booking committee just isn’t doing. Sasha Banks is about to go solo, she’s too hot to be held down by Naomi or Tamina. No offense to them, but they’ve never had this much momentum combined. That leaves the rest of Team B.A.D. to form a two-person team. Charlotte is Divas Champion and Paige has turned heel. Alicia Foxx was always just the third wheels to the Bellas. Cut off all the dead weight, and that lets WWE kill two birds with one stone.

You’d have Charlotte, Paige and The Boss as one segment on Raw feuding over the Divas Championship while Team B.A.D., the Bellas and the tag team of Natalya and Lynch feuding on the other Divas segment. That gives bigger exposure to Banks, Charlotte and Paige to wrestle their butts off and make the Divas Championship relevant and valuable. Meanwhile, everyone else can continue to get exposure on Raw.

Becky Lynch NXT (Courtesy of Beckylynchsource.com)

Becky Lynch NXT (Courtesy of Beckylynchsource.com)

This will give Becky Lynch the opportunity to build her stock in what could be considered the midcard of the Divas Division. I think a team of Natalya and Becky Lynch would be a great pairing given their styles and they’d be dominant over the Bellas, Team B.A.D. and anyone else that opposed them.

This team would not only build Lynch’s stock, so that by the time it’s Banks vs. Charlotte for the Divas title, Lynch vs. Paige would be another quality feud to balance the division out. What’s great is the Lynch and Natalya team actually makes the latter look phenomenal. When the Divas Revolution started, everyone was asking where the best female wrestler on the roster was now that there is competition for that position.

Suddenly, Natalya shows up and with Lynch runs dominates the division. Natalya is right in the middle and could challenge for the Divas title at any time. Hypothetically, if WWE wanted another title in the Divas Division, they could put Lynch and Nattie into a ring and watch them tear the house down. Even a tag team championship in the division would work. There are many options for Lynch to get over, and it’s not only Becky that gets over.

(Courtesy of betweentheropes.com)

Becky Lynch (Courtesy of betweentheropes.com)

Like I said, the Divas Revolution obviously isn’t only about new faces. It’s not about playing favorites. It’s about running consistent tag team matches incomplete in their booking. The heels look good, or the faces do, there is no in between. Right now, Divas segments come off very one dimensional.

Admittedly, this is wrestling, not Game of Thrones. However, on Thrones, at least background characters get their chance to shine if the story deems it necessary. But, this is WWE. It’s whenever “they” deem it necessary, otherwise Sasha Banks wouldn’t be on the sidelines watching, Charlotte wouldn’t be getting beaten by Brie Mode Dropkicks and Becky Lynch would be doing anything instead of nothing.

Becky Lynch has more than what she’s showing. So, does this Divas Revolution and so do the women of the division. If you’re going to preach about empowerment and respect, book them like you actually believe what you’re saying. Some of us actually notice what you’re really saying.

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