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Charlotte vs Paige is WWE’s Best Feud

Photo Courtesy of WWE

I’ve been very vocal about WWE’s flaw of only focusing on one women’s segment at a time. That’s a lot of pressure to put on two performers carrying an entire division full of other talents wrestlers that should be building depth within the division to challenge for the WWE Divas Championship.

It’s a bad habit for WWE, but they can get away with it when two performers like Charlotte and Paige come together in a feud and tear the house down. Their feud started off slow, but it’s built into a roaring fire. In my opinion, it’s the best thing WWE has going on right now.

(Courtesy of fansided.com)

(Courtesy of fansided.com)

The Paige heel turn was strange, but it’s recovered. She essentially turned heel a month before it was a foregone conclusion that Paige had changed her way of doing things. For someone as good as Paige in the ring, most of her heat heading into Survivor Series came from the microphone.

That was a pleasant surprise because the division doesn’t have a great talker. Sure, there are a lot of solid talkers, but time on the mic is extremely limited for the women of WWE. There isn’t that one personality that dominates on the mic the way John Cena or CM Punk would. The division has been lacking that for quite a while now, and while Paige isn’t great at being that voice, she’s great at stirring the pot.

Charlotte WWE.com

The Reid Flair mention was a great idea. Whether anyone wants to acknowledge it or not, that sympathy got Charlotte even more over. She’s wrestling royalty and it’s common knowledge at this point that she is the daughter of Ric Flair. That did a lot for her momentum on the main roster, but showing the struggles of being Flair’s daughter proves that she’s not a bland character.

She’s not the princess of the WWE. Charlotte has fought harder than anyone, and she took down Nikki Bella. That is a hell of a calling card. Along with the Reid Flair mention, she’s proven her worth in the ring and provided character depth. All she needed was a villain to rally against and build her character with the WWE fans.

(Courtesy of fansided.com)

(Courtesy of fansided.com)

She’s extremely young, but Paige is currently on the best run of her career. You could argue winning the title on her first night over A.J. Lee and stopping her reign was her best, but she was catapulted off a great NXT run, and that was the rub of A.J. putting over Paige. She wasn’t the aggressor, and she didn’t have to stand alone. Now, she’s standing alone and is the biggest threat in the division.

She’s more than a handful for Charlotte. At Survivor Series, they had a really good and physical match. It was a little sloppy, but the storytelling was there, and Charlotte got a good win to cement her status. However, Paige returned with a vengeance, and she made a major statement on Monday by locking Charlotte in the PTO on the announce table. It’s a great visual of Paige’s dominance.

(Courtesy of dailywrestlingnews.com)

(Courtesy of dailywrestlingnews.com)

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the announce table spot. The significance of the PTO on the announce table isn’t just about brutality. Paige locking the PTO on Charlotte anywhere would demonstrate that fact. That spot is about dominance, and the announce table becomes a huge spotlight showcasing that Paige is in control.

(Courtesy of flickeringmyth.com)

(Courtesy of flickeringmyth.com)

What’s making Charlotte vs. Paige so personal is they genuinely feel like they’re fighting for the top spot in the division. There is something very raw about that competition to prove who is better and why in the ring. When Paige officially turned, and they didn’t confront one another for almost a month, I was worried that it wouldn’t be a serious feud and Charlotte would move on after Survivor Series.

Luckily, WWE is building a staple of the Divas division. The biggest problem with the Nikki Bella title reign is it didn’t build anyone else for 300 days other than Nikki. Good for her, but everyone knew that once she dropped it, all that momentum would disappear.

Charlotte and Paige have already gained significant momentum as the currently the ying and yang of the division. Other than just being face and heel, there is depth in character for both women.

Charlotte is the woman who became Divas Champion and is determined to live up to the Flair name and add to that legacy. Paige is the determined, yet vindictive woman that demands everyone to yield to her will because she is the best in the business. WWE is her house, and no one is going to take it from her.

(Courtesy of dailywrestlingnews.com)

(Courtesy of dailywrestlingnews.com)

I am extremely interested to see how Charlotte vs. Paige develops heading into TLC. Personally, I think this feud has legs to go all the way through to the Royal Rumble or even Fast Lane. By that point, Paige will be so over that she can prove the same point against another top face and elevate them to her level. That would be perfect for Becky Lynch.

In my mind, Charlotte will be the most popular Diva on the roster by then, or at least a more-than-viable Divas Champion. Since WWE is determined for Sasha Banks to be a heel despite what the fans are telling them, Banks vs. Charlotte is the perfect feud for them to have at WrestleMania 32.

That strategy worked perfectly in NXT, so why wouldn’t it work on the main roster? From that point in 2016, I won’t have to complain about WWE booking the women’s division anymore. I won’t have to be concerned about it being great because you’ll be seeing it every week.

We’ll be able to call the Divas Revolution a success.






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