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King Barrett Needs a Tag Team Partner

Since returning from his hiatus while filming his movie, King Barrett hasn’t had much good news. He’s been stuck in the undercard with other performers who should be focused on better feuds. This is yet another perfect example of how Barrett struggles to get over on WWE television. Despite talent and familiarity, Barrett can’t help but float around.

However, King Barrett recently told The Sun that he would like to be a part of the WWE tag team division:

“I would really like to go into the tag division. It isn’t something I’ve done very much in the past. Pretty much consistently since I’ve been with WWE since 2010 I’ve been the bad guy singles wrestler so I would like to do something a little different.

“I’ve always feel like I play off people well and I was hoping the run with Stardust might last a little bit longer. But going back, I know there’s a few guys that are kind of in the doldrums at the moment career-wise so maybe pairing up with someone new and trying to go in a completely different direction to what I’ve done before is the next step for me.”

(Courtesy of wrestlingnews.co)

All Hail King Barrett (Courtesy of wrestlingnews.co)

King Barrett has to be ready for for something different. Since his arrival as the leader of the Nexus in 2010, Barrett has always been right on the edge of superstardom, but he’s never been able to slide over the edge. Part of the blame is injuries, part of it is bad luck and the rest is the fact that he’s right. His entire career, he’s been a heel singles competitor. It’s time for a change.

I suggested sometime ago that a face turn could really give Barrett life as the King of the Ring. A face turn is still possible, but launching King Barrett into the tag team division is a good idea. Barrett thinks it’s a good idea, but the question becomes who is his partner? In the interview, he stated that he wanted his run with Stardust to last far longer, but WWE had a better idea with The Ascension. That’s just a better fit. But Barrett has better options for partners. Guys who could use a change themselves.

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

The King of Swing and Tyson Kidd (Courtesy of WWE.com)

It’s not a coincidence that outside of WWE, Cesaro was a part of The Kings of Wrestling. Despite lacking Chris Hero, there is still the option for The King of Swing and the King of the Ring to become The Kings of Wrestling under the WWE umbrella. If not for Tyson Kidd’s extremely unfortunate injury, it’s very likely those two would still be a force to be reckoned with in the tag team division. Cesaro had potential in his latest single run, but a lack of quality booking kept him from moving up the ladder.

Cesaro’s momentum has dwindled in the midcard after being pushed aside for other performers. It’s such a pity, but if you can’t beat him, join him. Instead of these guys running around doing nothing, why not bring two guys who could use something new together and try to make something. The Kings of Wrestling, or whatever team WWE calls them would be a force in the WWE tag team division and as faces, they could really challenge and provide great matches with The New Day.

(Courtesy of  theerreport.wordpress.com)

Mr. Money in the Bank (Courtesy of theerreport.wordpress.com)

If King Barrett is to remain heel, why not align yourself with the man with the golden ticket of WWE. Sheamus was the last King of the Ring. Sheamus is now Mr. Money in the Bank, but for WWE booking, that means Sheamus not being focused on and losing matches he shouldn’t because they want the added surprise factor of the cash-in moment. That doesn’t make sense since the contract holder should be feared, but if WWE wants to be coy, why not put him in a tag team to hold his momentum and protect him from losses if necessary?

For Sheamus, this seems like a great idea. His physicality is a blessing to any team and his consistency in the ring would benefit anyone as his partner. Barrett needs a partner that is able to hold his own, but Barrett also needs to be the leader and driving force of the group to gain the momentum for the team. That’s what he was so good at in the Nexus, and having a physical partner with the Money in the Bank contract would be a very good way to build a team that could build both men’s careers.

(Courtesy of thelongshotist.com)

Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow (Courtesy of thelongshotist.com)

If King Barrett is a true king, he needs squires and knights to guard and protect his kingdom. More importantly, Barrett needs guys to enforce his rule. Take Damien Sandow and Curtis Axel, a team of two guys who have absolutely nothing to do on WWE programming. Not only giving Barrett squires provides the opportunity for a lot of comedy shenanigans, or even dominance of the WWE roster. Axel and Sandow could be The Knights of King Barrett.

I could easily see Axel and Sandow being bubbling underlings of the King of the Ring. Their comedy routine together as less-than-capable knights, perhaps in full body armor would not only be entertain; it would be a fresh chance for Axel and Sandow to get another shot. Over time, they could go from stumbling and tripping over each other to becoming more and more dominate that the pair decide to take the throne and challenge Barrett’s rule. The potential is there for all three men in this scenario.

(Courtesy of Zonawrestling.net)

King Barrett (Courtesy of Zonawrestling.net)

King Barrett in the tag team division is the best idea anyone has had for him since he won King of the Ring. The gimmick of being the king gives a lot of creative options for storylines and Barrett could be very good for a variety of superstars. Barrett may not be the man full of bad news anymore, but he’s certainly a man with bad luck.

Sometimes when you have bad luck, you have to play the odds until your luck changes. Barrett is due a good and serious run. He’s been Intercontinental Champion many times. He’s won King of the Ring and been positioned for major pushes many times. A tag team run is the one thing he’s in a great position to do currently that would benefit him and put the King on top of the mountain. Perhaps, the road for Barrett to finally break through isn’t in singles competition, it’s in the tag division.

It worked for Daniel Bryan didn’t it?

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