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Is Lana the Next Director of Operations?

Photo Courtesy of WWE

If you start to poke holes in WWE television, you’re going to have a tough time enjoying the show. Storylines and angles are sometimes dropped unexpectedly because of injuries, poor performance and even real life demanding chance on WWE television.

I strongly believe that all three of those reasons applied to the Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev feud involving Lana and Summer Rae over many months of 2015. That feud was awful for all involved because it accomplished nothing and no one was booked properly.

The biggest victim of that feud was Lana. Rusev’s stock has been declining ever since his first defeat against John Cena. That’s just what happens with monster heels. But, his injury will hit the reset button on his character, and he has a chance to come back stronger than ever. Summer has latched onto Tyler Breeze, and Ziggler is feuding with them. Everyone has something else except for Lana, who is home nursing an injury.

(Courtesy of thecount.com)

(Courtesy of thecount.com)

Personally, the moment Lana turned face, I lost interest in her character. It’s not because I dislike strong female characters. On the contrary, it is because she immediately fell into an on-screen relationship with Dolph Ziggler to start the feud. That made no sense because Lana was no longer desirable in my eyes. She turned face and yet, she became unlikable.

She wasn’t even wrestling, and she went down with a pretty serious wrist injury that tells me her body isn’t built for the wrestling ring. That’s fine with me. Lana is a fantastic valet, but that drastically limits her role on WWE television because I’m not sure how much play fighting she can do to stay over, especially when women are being pushed more heavily as legitimate competitors in the ring.

It’s entirely possible that she’ll return as a heel with Rusev, but that’s just going back to a story the WWE Universe has already seen to completion. That’s not fresh anymore, so if Lana is to be with Rusev, she’s going to have to adapt her character all over again. Maybe, she and Rusev can have a face run, or WWE could do something a little more interesting with the character of Lana.

(Courtesy of sportskeeda.com)

Corporate Kane (Courtesy of sportskeeda.com)

This was Corporate Kane. The monster Kane sold out to The Authority and became a suit. Corporate Kane was the director of operations. That was a role that served as the middleman between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to make matches, work with talent, and essentially do WWE Corporate’s bidding.

The role is much like the old WWF commissioner of the Attitude Era. A character that had enough power to make matches, interact with the talent, and provide structure and opportunities to the roster on WWE television. It was a great role for the right person because they didn’t have to wrestle, but were still one of the most important performers on the show.

Since Corporate Kane was written off of television, the role hasn’t been mentioned since. That makes the role look really bad because what was the point of it in the first place? However, WWE could fix that with one segment and the right person.

The Ravishing Russian Lana (Courtesy of wrestling-mania.info)

The Ravishing Russian Lana (Courtesy of wrestling-mania.info)

This is a role Lana should be doing right now on WWE television. WWE wants to push Lana because they want to display WWE as a promotion that has strong female characters. Their attempts to get Lana over after her breakup with Rusev were no doubt to make her such a character. That failed.

However, Lana as the director of operations is the perfect role for her because it embodies all of her positive qualities and hides many of her weaknesses. The role would allow her to remain a face in WWE without having to change her character, or make her presence on TV rely on a male counterpart.

(Courtesy of 411mania.com

(Courtesy of 411mania.com

This is not intended as an insult. C.J. Perry is an actress, and Lana is a character. She is not meant to be a wrestler. It’s not going to be her greatest quality. Her greatest quality is her likability and her ability to speak on the microphone. In WWE, she’s one of the best in the Divas division. That’s a necessary skill for her.

She has all the skills she needs to be a great director of operations because she can embody a strong female voice with authority. The roster is full of characters for Lana to interact with from any heel to any face. There are numerous opportunities there for storylines that don’t involve her wrestling. Lana is a good talker, so performing the tasks of the director of operations on television would be right in her wheelhouse.

Rusev kicks Lana out of his ring, because she's getting too many cheers (Courtesy of WWe.com)

Rusev kicks Lana out of his ring because she’s getting too many cheers (Courtesy of WWE.com)

The only issue Lana would have in the role is how to handle the Rusev dynamic. WWE has acknowledged their engagement on live WWE TV, which means a wedding storyline isn’t too far behind. Rusev was a heel when he got hurt, and Lana was the opposite. For the Rusev character to come back strong again, he’s going to need to align with Lana, or their relationship won’t be mentioned again on WWE TV.

There is no way to put Lana in a position of power without Rusev exploiting it. That would make the couple heels together, but the WWE Universe genuinely wants to cheer Lana. That’s what got her here in the first place. So, that only leaves Rusev to change when he returns and become the man a strong woman would love. That’s a great role for him, but he’s going to have an uphill battle in the beginning after his poor 2015.

Lana does some dancing (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Lana does some dancing (Courtesy of WWE.com)

What makes Lana such a good choice for the role of director of operations is it would become her own. After this year’s failed face turn, WWE could turn her heel once again. But, they have the chance to make Lana a great female character in WWE. They just need to think outside the box a little and make her a role that she can use to make her own character, not what WWE thinks she should be.

That’s what the fans will respond to with Lana.


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