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Logic, Reason Need Not Apply to Jack Swagger

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One of our biggest pet-peeves of the WWE is the lack of logic which exists in its booking patterns. Sure, a suspension of disbelief is certainly needed, and even somewhat warranted while watching a type of program that tells you us a dead person is going to wrestle from time to time, but it would help if things sometimes made sense.

That brings us to Jack Swagger. Who, by all accounts, is essentially waiting for his WWE contract to run out so he can try his hand at some MMA.

Swagger was once the company’s champion. That probably seems like a long time ago, but that’s only because it was. Since his initial few year push, and his last major one being thwarted by a marijuana issue, Jack Swagger has been on television less often than than a walrus goes to a tropical location.

He's worse on the mic than Roman.

He’s worse on the mic than Roman.

But that didn’t stop the WWE from booking him into a mini-feud with Alberto Del Rio.

Here is what we were told: Since Del Rio came back with Zeb Colter as a manager, it left Jack Swagger angry in the belly. Even though the last time we saw Swagger, though, he was a good guy trying to take down Rusev.  None of which makes an ounce of sense, but OK.

Then we were supposed to think, magically I guess, that Swagger being angry with Del Rio meant he got a U.S. Title shot. Wait… what? The guy who barely wrestled on our picture-boxes for almost a year, but when he did he always lost, gets an opportunity to fight for the title? Again, this obviously makes no sense.

If all it took for guys to get shots at titles, ho-hum wrestlers would be going out on Raw every single week and taking cheap shots at WWE’s top dog. But that never happens because logic only applies in sections of the WWE.

If the WWE doesn't recognize this, then of course it is all a sham.

If the WWE doesn’t recognize this, then of course it is all a sham.

The reason for Swagger getting the title shot is much simpler than the WWE wanting to give the All-American another small push. They needed to feed someone to Del Rio because they had zero long term booking plans in place for him. Since coming back to the WWE, he has beaten Cena, dropped Colter, joined the League of Nations, and is likely to drop the U.S. Title soon if the League doesn’t regather steam.

Basically, not only was Swagger’s being fed to Del Rio done so out of creative misguidance, but it is all for mostly nothing as the Del Rio character is less established this time around than his first run with the company. Heck, half the crowd has no idea what Del Rio’s role is anywhere in the company. Is he simply a League of Nations background character, a guy the WWE will push to the moon again, or whatever? Not that the WWE knows what to do with him, either. If they did, never-on-TV Jack Swagger probably wouldn’t have been his first victim.

Back to Swagger. He is essentially the WWE’s go-to-guy as far as talent needed to be fed to foreign wrestlers. He was Rusev’s first victim and is now Del Rio’s first conquered guy upon his return. His role in the company, apparently, is to only make appearances whenever the WWE wants to feed on some of the fans’ xenophobia. And, well, he always loses.

But hey, give that man a random United States Championship match because it makes all the sense in the world Del Rio would give some guy he hates an unwarranted title shot. The only other theory the WWE could give as reason for his matches against Del Rio is that he “earned” the shot because he has had a slew of victories in his wake, but that’s even less plausible than Del Rio merely giving it to him for no sane reason.

This happens in the WWE all the time. It isn’t even suspension of disbelief. It is huge gaps in logic and reason, which should leave us as viewers feeling insulted for the company’s thinking we will buy the story. I mean, we wouldn’t believe the 1989 Ford Fiesta the car salesman was showing us could fly simply because he said so, right? There’s nearly no difference here.

... hate horrible angles.

… hate horrible angles.

Proof is meant to be shown in the pudding. The WWE’s motto tends to be more along the lines of “the pudding is made of stuff we tell you and now eat it” — which seems like a horrible desert. Regardless, it has to stop. Too much of the audience is too smart to believe some of these unrealistic angles. What used to be the very best aspect of wrestling — the genuine surprises and emotions we got because of them — do not exist anymore because we know the outcomes of too many things in advance. Del Rio and Swagger could have put on the greatest match in the history of wrestling and few would care since everyone and their (respective) mothers knew the former “had” to go over.

A lot of this simply could have been avoided had the WWE used a month or two to book Swagger in a way to look like actual competition. They could have also used a guy who was regularly winning on TV. Then again, that would have simply made too much sense.

When things don’t make sense it leaves us with a feeling that wins and losses don’t matter. That, on any given night, none of the results count for a single thing. If that’s the case, then what is the point of this entire charade? Realism isn’t entirely needed, but logic sure as heck would help.

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