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MACHO MAN Randy Savage – Finally in the Hall of Fame!

Macho Man Randy Savage in Heaven

Macho Man Randy Savage
Finally In The Hall Of Fame
On Today’s Knockout

Yesterday, on WWE Monday Night RAW, January 12th, 2015, it was announced that Macho Man Randy Savage would finally, after years, be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. It’s considered a crime by many a wrestling fan that he isn’t in the Hall already. I used to agree with that. There was a while where I was right there with them, declaring the whole Hall Of Fame bulls–t for never inducting The Macho Man Randy Savage.

Then I just sort of realized that The Hall Of Fame was bulls–t in general. Not for them, obviously. It means something for the wrestler inducted because it means that Vince McMahon believes they belong in there. That’s great. I take nothing away from that, but what does it matter to us fans who is or isn’t in the WWE Hall Of Fame?

The truth is we have no stake in who gets in or stays out anyway. We never will. Vince listens to his fans, but only to a degree. We’re talking about his baby’s legacy. I have to imagine that after all the work he’s put into it, the legacy of WWE is of the utmost importance to him. I understand that. If I had a vision for something and put my entire life’s blood into it, and it was a massive success – I’d fight until my last breath to defend it. I respect Vince McMahon, so I respect that he had to have a reason for keeping The Madness out for so long.

Having said, I’d like to let one out.

Just one little one.


Macho Man Randy Savage in Heaven

Macho Man Randy Savage in Heaven (Matt Ufford, WarmingGlow.com)

Macho Man is in the F—KING HALL OF FAME! That’s great! There is genuinely no man more deserving of it. The greatest hope for a Hall Of Fame is that one day, somebody might stumble across it and discover the people inside it. It’s meant to add longevity to one’s work. To sum it all up in a word: immortality. It’s not physical, but emotional; living on in the hearts and minds of people. It’s very comforting to know that years after I die, if the world’s still around, somebody could click on the Hall Of Fame tab on the WWE website and discover Macho Man.

Randy Poffo is one of the greatest men to ever step foot inside the ring. No one deserves a slice of immortality more than The Macho Man Randy Savage.

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