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Post-Raw Divas Rankings 12-28-15

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(Photo courtesy of WWE.com)

Monday Night Raw aired live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The show featured one divas segment: a match between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, the Brooklyn crowd didn’t seem to think so as it showered the match with “boring” chants midway through. That’s right, a smarky crowd chanted “boring” during a Sasha Banks-Becky Lynch match.

Sure, it wasn’t as good as their TakeOver bout in May, but it was far from boring. In fact, it was one of the better 1-on-1 divas matches in recent memory, but I digress. Banks picked up the victory after forcing Lynch to tap out via the Banks Statement which followed outside interference by Naomi and Tamina.

And for whatever reason, WWE had a separate house show in Allentown, Pennsylvania during Raw’s live broadcast, which explains Charlotte and Paige’s absence. Here’s a look at the Divas power rankings following the final episode of Raw in 2015.

5. Brie Bella: Sure, Brie Bella might have the worst win-loss record of any woman since the “Divas Revolution” angle began in July, but at least she’s had consistent booking, which is more than we can say about other divas. Plus, with the new season of Total Divas on the horizon, she’ll likely see an expanded role.

4. Paige: Several weeks ago, Paige was the hottest character in the Divas division. She was cutting vicious promos and verbally berating all of her colleagues. But Paige failed to win her latest of many Divas Championship matches at TLC and hasn’t had a singles match on TV since. I’d say her being at the Allentown house show instead of Raw was a possible demotion, but Divas Champion Charlotte was there as well. Then again, she lost that match too.

3. Becky Lynch: Prior to her match, Lynch cut a promo on her independence and noted that Charlotte wouldn’t be in her corner to “prove she could do it on her own.” So instead, she faced Sasha Banks — who she’s never defeated in a singles match — while Team B.A.D. outnumbered her to pick up a dirty win. Like I say every week, it seems like she’s part of a slow burn buildup to an inevitable feud with Charlotte. Hopefully the buildup will give her character some momentum leading up to an eventual title shot.

2. Sasha Banks: I don’t know what to make of main roster Sasha Banks. I’m still of the mindset that she’s being underutilized which is a borderline crime given how talented and over she is. For instance, having her dress up like Charlotte while watching a monitor after singing the “12 Days of Team B.A.D. Christmas” on the pre-show of the pay-per-view event in her hometown is a waste. Having her saddled in Team B.A.D. when she’s clearly the division’s brightest star and should instead have a singles run is also waste.

Yet I can’t think of a single match in which she’s ever lost clean since being called up. Perhaps her lack of matches is just protective booking since WWE is keen on having Charlotte built to be a strong, dominant champion. And beating Lynch — who’s had more of an angle with the Divas champion than any other diva in recent weeks — should propel her to a title shot. I don’t know why Team B.A.D. is still together or why Banks hasn’t received a title shot. Again, maybe it’s a slow burn, which we can only hope for.

1. Charlotte: Charlotte hasn’t even come close to being booked weak. Sure she’s cheated in recent weeks, but she’s yet to lose a match or even look harmed. Charlotte is basically the female equivalent of Roman Reigns, only her character seems to be going through a slow heel turn rather than staying as a babyface. But again, it makes sense for her to be a dominant heel. She’s Ric Flair’s daughter — as I’m sure you’ve heard by now — and has a size and strength advantage over the entire division. Plus her character is more entertaining with her recent mean streak.

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