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Projecting Teams for Survivor Series 5-on-5 Elimination Match

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It wouldn’t be Survivor Series without a traditional five-on-five elimination match and, after weeks of resisting, the WWE’s finally given in and granted their viewers just that. It won’t be the battle of superteams we were all hoping for, though.

While it looked like The Brothers of Destruction, Undertaker and Kane, would recruit partners to combat the fearsome quartet that is the Wyatt Family initially, that matchup will be restricted to two-on-two competition. It’s a shame that we won’t get to see another icon in Sting or the fabulously creepy Finn Balor join forces with the monstrous siblings, but the match should prove to be worth admission price all the same.

And, hey, those elimination matches have always proven to be a lot of fun regardless of who’s in them, right? Right, Andy. But that’s the thing; as of right now we have no idea who will comprise the teams.

We can logically eliminate everyone who’s already got a spot on the card, but that of course still leaves us with a wealth of options to choose from. So, since I’m bored at one of my many part-time jobs, I figure why not take a shot at projecting these two teams. And when I’m wrong you can come back and poke fun at me!

Wrestling, in its simplest form, boils down to good vs. bad. Especially when it comes to these matches. When it hasn’t been Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown or Team WWE vs Team Alliance, these matches are almost always five heels squaring off with five faces.

The New Day are ideal candidates to captain a Survivor Series squad. (courtesy of WWE.com)

The New Day are ideal candidates to captain a Survivor Series squad. (courtesy of WWE.com)

So, to captain our squad of villains, why not start with the best bad guy act in the business today — The New Day. Your Tag Team Champions are without challengers, but that shouldn’t leave them without a spot on the card. Especially not since a former championship team has returned to oppose them.

Before we get to them, though, let’s talk about who will round out #TeamNewDay. The WWE doesn’t exactly field a wealth of mid-card heels, especially with two, Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio, in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament, but there are some decorated bad guys who are still free on Sunday.

Sheamus and Wade Barrett have formed a sort of loose alliance and would no doubt make suitable partners for the New Day. Both because of their brash attitudes, their physical in-ring styles and the contrast of New Day’s over-the-top nature with the more serious ones of Sheamus and Barrett.

So, we’ll call that our bad guy team. Now, who to oppose them?

The reunited Usos have crossed paths with The New Day frequently of late and, given their own decorated past, seem like a sure bet to be the next title challengers. But in order to draw that feud out, it’d be smart to have them captain a Survivor Series team to combat the New Day first.

There’s a bit more on the face side in terms of potential partners, but a few who I think just miss the cut. The Dudley Boyz are a fine choice, but their battles with New Day have run their course and it doesn’t entirely make sense for them to join one of their chief competitors in the tag team title race.

Kalisto’s another worthy potential inclusion. He surprised many by toppling Ryback in the WWE Championship tournament and has the makings of a breakout star. But, there are some other guys who are yet above him in the pecking order.

Neville’s a similarly gifted high-flier and a big-time fan favorite. Given his history with Barrett he should no problem joining the fray here. Ryback’s another guy who fans love to root on and can match the physical styles of Big E and Sheamus, adding some sorely needed bulk to Team Uso.

There's no way Cesaro is left out of this match. (courtesy of WWE.com)

There’s no way Cesaro is left out of this match. (courtesy of WWE.com)

Lastly, who could forget Cesaro? It’d be criminal if he didn’t find his way onto the card and fans will certainly make their voices heard if that’s the case. He’s among the best (if not the best) in-ring workers in the WWE and could take this match to another level.

So there you have it folks, our five-on-five Survivor Series match is as follows:

Team New Day
Team Uso
Big E Jimmy Uso
Kofi Kingston Jey Uso
Xavier Woods Neville
Sheamus Ryback
Wade Barrett Cesaro


Not necessarily star-studded, but still a good mix of 10 talented, popular superstars who are more than deserving of a spot on the card. But one thing that remains missing is some sort of stipulation. These sorts of matches are always more entertaining when something hangs in the balance. In this instance, it should be a Tag Team Championship shot for The Usos.

As for how the match plays out, if that stipulation didn’t give it away. Team Uso should come away victorious. If for no other reason than the New Day need new challengers. But the Usos shouldn’t star in this one. Instead that honor should go to Cesaro. Let the Swiss Superman rally back in a two- or three-on-one situation. The fans would certainly appreciate it and maybe, for once, it’d mark the beginning of something bigger than another stop-and-start push.


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