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SmackDown Spoilers – Daniel Bryan Wins Again

Will Daniel Bryan win again at SmackDown before battling Roman Reigns?

SmackDown Review
Episode Air Date: 2/5/2015

Last night’s episode of Thursday Night SmackDown was filmed at the Worldwide Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was one of many stops along the Road to WrestleMania for the WWE and their fans.

First Note
That spear Roman Reigns hit Big Show with was nuts

They started this episode off by recapping what happened on the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw. During said episode, Roman Reigns came down to the ringside area for Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan, in an attempt to get some well earned revenge on Seth.

On his way down the ramp, the Big Show stepped in Roman’s way, forcing him to deliver this to the World’s Largest Athlete.

Second Note
The Miz vs. Damien Mizdow should be great at WrestleMania

The writers began to tear apart the Miz and his stunt double Damien Mizdow at the 2015 Royal Rumble. It came by way of Mizdow disobeying orders and entering the Royal Rumble match. As he was his stunt double, The Miz expected Mizdow to surrender his spot. He did, at first, but Roman Reigns knocked Miz off the apron before he could officially enter the match. So with his opportunity clear, Mizdow hit the ring, in fast pursuit of WrestleMania glory.

Fast is the word. He was eliminated within minutes, but the fans ate up every second of it. Based on audience reaction alone, Miz vs. Mizdow has the potential to steal the spotlight for a while at WrestleMania 31.

Third Note
The Rollins, Reigns, and Bryan promo was ok

Reigns caught a lot more cheers during this than I would’ve expected. A lot of them came because the fans hatred for Reigns is only trumped by their hatred of Seth Rollins. That’s how good Seth Rollins is at what he does. All Reigns had to do was threaten him once to get the cheers to start. Despite what happened in Philly last month, Roman has ended up in the perfect situation. All he has to do is beat Daniel Bryan, and he’ll be set as a heel. If they decide they want Reigns to stay as a face, all they have to do is put him opposite Rollins. It’ll work either way.

Fourth Note
Dean Ambrose Rules

Ambrose and Axel going at it (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Dean Ambrose and Curtis Axel going at it (Courtesy of WWE.com)

For the second WWE show in a row, Curtis Axel was interrupted during a promo by the Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose. Just like last time, Ambrose handily dispatched of Curtis. At the very least, there was a match this time. Ambrose hit his finisher, The Dirty Deeds, within minutes. Before he could take a moment to celebrate, Bad News Barrett appeared on the Titantron to tell Ambrose that he is an insane vagrant who doesn’t deserve a shot at the Intercontinental Championship. You see, on Monday, Ambrose challenged BNB, the man holding that title, for a match at Fastlane.

I assume Dean will make Barrett’s life a living hell over the next couple weeks, until he agrees to the IC Title match at the coming Pay-per-view.

Fifth Note
Adam Rose vs. Fandango

I hate both of these guys.

Sixth Note
Roman Reigns vs. The Miz

Miz and Reigns during their match (Courtesy of WWe.com)

Miz and Reigns during their match (Courtesy of WWe.com)

The segment at the beginning of the show that saw Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns come face to face in a ring was supposed to be a part of Miz TV, the Miz’s talk show. It was, however, rudely interrupted when Roman delivered a Superman Punch to the Miz, as soon as he entered the ring. The Miz took this as a personal affront and challenged Reigns to a match later on in the night.

If you had to guess, who do you think won this? Was it the guy who is getting set to Main Event WrestleMania? Or do you think it was the guy who did it four years ago at WrestleMania 27, to an almost universally poor reaction.

Seventh Note
Rusev and the Ravishing Russian, Lana

I have nothing bad to say about either of these two. They get everyone in every arena they enter, on their feet, and booing their hearts out. It’s really awesome to watch. They command the ring when they’re in it. I sincerely hope that these two will be around for a while. As long as Rusev is booked with a delicate balance, he could be a powerful heel for years to come.

Eighth Note
Paige has a dope submission finisher

Paige locking in the PTO (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Paige locking in the PTO (Courtesy of WWE.com)

I don’t know much about Paige. I wasn’t watching when she came up from NXT, and I have not had the chance yet to go back and check her work out. Having said that, Paige’s submission finisher is great. She calls it the PTO (Paige Tap Out), but it’s more traditionally known as a Scorpion Crosslock.

Final Note
3 on 1 Handicapped Match

The closing moments of SmackDown on February 5th (Courtesy of WWE.com)

The closing moments of SmackDown on February 5th (Courtesy of WWE.com)

It was supposed to be Daniel Bryan vs. Joey Mercury, Jamie Noble, and Seth Rollins, and that’s how the match played out. Daniel even managed to get a win over the three men, but as he was celebrating, Corporate Kane came down and attacked Bryan from behind. The four men then picked goatface apart. First they delivered one of Shield’s patented triple power bombs, and then Rollins hit D-Bry with a curb stomp. It’s all about stacking the odds back up against Daniel Bryan. By this point, he’s almost no longer the underdog that the fans fell in love with. People not only expect him to win, but they demand it.

This was the best of both worlds. The fans got their win, but they also had to watch their favorite son get obliterated. I imagine there will be a lot of this in the coming weeks, leading right into Fastlane.

The fans will be on the edge of their seat the entire time, as Daniel Bryan takes on Roman Reigns, and that includes myself. I cannot wait to leave my job early that night so I can come home and cover that match live, here on Today’s Knockout.

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