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Tag Team Spotlight – Too Cool

Tag Team Spotlight
Too Cool

Everybody remembers Too Cool. Some how, some way, during their short time on television, they reached a legendary status. Their music still gets a pop everywhere they go. It’s insane. For some reason, they connected with the WWE fans. Those two goofy white dudes and that big Samoan with the even bigger Samoan ass. Rikishi was in the Main Event picture for years. He got thrown off the top of a Hell in the Cell. Not a lot of people can say that. That’s a star-making spot that seems to have been reserved for a selected few.

Rikishi was a member of Too Cool (wwe.com)

Rikishi plummets down the side of the cell (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty were cool too, I guess. They were always entertaining, I’ll say that, and that’s arguably the most important part of being a WWE Superstar. I could never take them seriously, though. When it came time for a match. Rikishi didn’t have that problem. That dude’s gimmick would’ve sent any sane man running for the hills. By no means would I want that gigantic, sweaty Samoan ass in my face. I don’t give a f–k how entertaining it is for people. That s–t is gross. Then to top it off, Rikishi could actually wrestle. First he’d hit you with a super kick and then while you were dazed, he’d mess you up for a few days with a stink face.

What did the other two have? The worm? That was Scotty 2 Hotty’s signature move. Again, entertaining, but it doesn’t lend much credence to the idea of the man ever picking up a victory by pin fall. Thankfully, that never really mattered for them. They were either heels who nobody wanted to see win, or they were the goofy faces they became known as, who nobody cared about seeing win. The fans wanted to see them dance. They didn’t give a s–t if Too Cool actually won matches.

I mean, they stopped a Royal Rumble in the middle of it for all three of them to break into a little dance number. It was so ridiculous, but the fans ate up every second of it! Every second. I even felt myself get swept up in it. It started when Rikishi cleaned house, eliminating everybody else in the ring, except for Grandmaster. This was during Big Kish’s big push. Right as it looked like he was going to eliminate Sexay, the Rumble clock ticked down to zero and Scotty 2 Hotty entered. He managed to convince Rikishi that instead of fighting, they should dance it out.

Then the houselights went down, the spotlights came up, and Too Cool’s music hit. His partners never expected Rikishi would turn on them, but that’s exactly what he did. It’s every man for himself in a Royal Rumble. It’s all about that Main Event at WrestleMania.

Rikishi was recently announced as a 2015 Inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. That’s cool. He deserves it. It’s weird that he’s only being talked about as Rikishi though. Solofa Fatu, the man behind the gimmick, has a long history in the business. He began his career in the WWE in 1992. His family, the Anoa’i’s, are famous in the wrestling business, boasting such members as Yokozuna, the Rock, Roman Reigns, Rocky Johnson, Peter Maivia, and the Uso Brothers, who also happen to be Rikishi’s sons.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay to be in there with Rikishi. They don’t really have much to fall back on. I personally think they should go in, but my opinion doesn’t really matter. If I had to argue for it, I’d say they earned it based on fan reaction alone. Especially the longevity of said reaction. Too Cool began its life in 1998. They were Too Much. There was ‘Too Sexy’ Brian Christopher and ‘Too Hot’ Scott Taylor. They were essentially Jerry the King Lawler’s lackey’s during this period.

Grandmaster Sexay (left) and Scotty 2 Hotty (right)  (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Grandmaster Sexay (left) and Scotty 2 Hotty (right) (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Then Brian became Grandmaster Sexay and Scott became Scotty 2 Hotty, and they were rebranded as Too Cool. I’ll never understand how they took the gimmicks they were given and made them work as well as they did, but that’s the beauty of the business of Professional Wrestling. All anybody ever needs is one shot, one opportunity – and they could make something of themselves. All it takes is some charisma to be a real contender. They may not have been dripping in gold, but every member of this team saw Championship glory while they were a part of it.

Now here we are, only a year removed from the last time that Too Cool was on WWE television. They reunited with Rikishi on an Old School Raw in 2014, and they didn’t miss a beat. The fans were as into it as they ever were. It was the first time in over thirteen years that the three men had competed together in a six-man tag match. All I can say about that is it makes me feel sad and old.

The End. Because now I’m bummed out about getting old.

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