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The Best Talkers in the WWE Divas Division

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This picture tells the entire story. Charlotte has just won her first WWE Divas Championship alongside her father, Ric Flair, and her friend from NXT, Becky Lynch. The moment is truly happy for father and daughter, and Becky is glad for her friend. Meanwhile, Paige is standing off to the side, and she’s thinking to herself, “I can beat her. I’m better than she is.”

The difference between the men and the women is that high-quality storylines usually have performers that are very good about expressing themselves on the microphone. A lot of men have gotten to the top by doing exactly that, but there are few women that can claim that they’ve gotten over in his business on the microphone. There have been promos, but when was the last time an active female wrestler in WWE had an excellent talking game? A moment when every word they spoke was listened to?

If I’m being honest, I can’t recall a single time a woman’s bread and butter was her promo work. A.J. Lee was a far better talker than she was a wrestler. She was still the best talker in the division. That’s what set her apart and made her different from the rest of the division.

Does the character shift in Paige currently make her the best talker now? Does Nikki Bella have the best mic skills in the Divas Division because she’s the only one who can claim to be the longest reigning Divas Champion in history. Who is the best talker in the WWE Divas Division?

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Is it Nikki Bella? (Courtesy of Cagesideseats.com)

Nikki Bella is good at putting herself over. That’s not easy to do, but she does it very well. Nikki is very confident, and she has created a really good heel persona. Her mic skills are all flash though. She never says anything of serious depth.

That’s not about face or heel. That’s about being able to connect to the entire audience instead of your niche. That’s full promo ability and Nikki Bella doesn’t have it. Nikki takes care of Nikki. That’s fine, but that doesn’t make her the best talker.

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Paige’s Pipebombs (Courtesy of gotceleb.com)

Paige is an interesting case because she’s so young. That’s not saying she isn’t strong; it just means that her style of promo is developing and going to change dramatically. A lot of stars have had their own style for a while before they’re out of the game. But Paige is so young that her promo skills are inevitably going to develop. Nikki Bella seems to be at her peak; Paige isn’t even close.

Her new development is the heel turn against Charlotte. Her new role in the”Divas Revolution” is to give it some adrenaline. To say the things that aren’t usually said. To change the perception. If you go back and watch her words last week on Raw, Paige has a lot to say. If Paige has taken the gloves off and is starting to speak from the heart, she has the talent and credentials to dominate the Divas Division right now. If she learns to speak this passionately on a regular basis, good things are coming for her.

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Charlotte Defends the “Divas Revolution” (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Charlotte is an interesting case on the microphone. For example, on this week’s Raw, she carried a lot of the Miz TV segment. She had the gem about the “Divas Revolution” representing all to believe in women’s wrestling just as much as the performers believe in each other. Great point. It was spoken with a lot of passion from Charlotte, but it was a little sloppy on the delivery.

Charlotte is Divas Champion and unseated Nikki, so her words carry a lot of weight. The trick is to still have that fear on the mic when you don’t have anything to boost your words. Charlotte isn’t the best talker, but she gets her point across. Her in-ring storytelling is of much greater value to how she gets over. That’s a really good thing, but she can work on this.

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Team Bad (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Sasha Banks can talk. She’s more consistent on the microphone than anyone else in the division because she consistently backs up her word. You can talk a huge game, but once you lose, your momentum is gone. Most wrestlers, male or female, have that problem. A microphone is the easiest way to get over a big loss, but no one in the Divas Division uses that weapon except for The Boss. She’s the only one who has something to say after a big loss because she backed up her word.

Backing up your words on the microphone is the biggest defense for losing in wrestling. If you lose after talking a huge game, you’re essentially back to square one, momentum-wise. Backing up your words gives bragging rights and unlimited opportunities, which is exactly what Sasha has been doing since day one. That’s why she is the best speaker in the Divas Division. She has the most range and because of that, Banks will always have enough momentum that she can say whatever she wants. The gift that keeps on giving.

(Courtesy of  forum.wrestlingfigs.com)

(Courtesy of forum.wrestlingfigs.com)

Banks is the total package. She has the mic skills necessary to take on the personality of the Bellas and the wrestling ability to go head-to-head with Charlotte. She even beat Charlotte for the NXT Championship earlier this year, which gives The Boss all bragging rights. But being left out of the title mix gives her even more to say.

The Divas Division doesn’t get by on the promo ability of its performers. There are some OK talkers who can read from the script, or ones that can their point across not only for themselves, but for their audience. Then there’s a select few that can command respect on the microphone; at least enough for the fans to try to listen. But it’s up to them to say something interesting and make us listen.

Until the Divas Division has that on a regular basis, it’s incomplete.

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