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The League of Nations Should Stick Together

League of Nations
Photo Courtesy of WWE

With Sheamus losing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Roman Reigns, many assume that the League of Nations is left to be the latter’s punching bag. That is likely true, as the newly minted champ will need a foe or two until Hunter and Vince attempt to extract revenge, but that should only be the short term vision for the group.

The larger, overarching aspect should be about giving four talented guys a platform to shine. Each of the members of The League of Nations brings something special to the table, yet when they were not a formed faction many were of no use for WWE’s creative team.

Let them job to Reigns moving forward. It makes sense, and is something that essentially has to happen. With WrestleMania still a few months away, but with the Royal Rumble quickly approaching, it is okay if Sheamus goes down to Reigns one more time. After that, however, the WWE needs to kick-start their momentum all over again.

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

The easiest booking the WWE could do is to make all of the guys background noise for Sheamus. While the Celtic Warrior has put on some quality matches lately, doing his literal job by helping Reigns get over, doing so while ignoring the other talents would be ill-advised.

Someone like Rusev, a mostly mismanaged booked talent since his initial push was thwarted by John Cena, needs to continue to look like a monster. With both the main event and mid-card title scenes about to be too filled with more established guys, it makes sense to somewhat hide the fact that Rusev is getting no title pushes, yet still be able to have him look like a monster by way of him being The League’s enforces type.

Down the road, even, he and Del Rio can form some sort of strange tag team. Usually, factions have their top guy, mid-card fella who breaks out as a face later, and a tag team. With Sheamus clearly being the current top talent, I’ll explain as to why Barrett is the obvious breakout talent in a second.

Alberto Del Rio’s return has been mostly a bust so far. Since defeating John Cena for the U.S. Title (recurring theme!), Del Rio has been lost in a world of nowhere to go. His inclusion with the faction makes total sense. He’s a solid talker, good in-ring performer and only needs a platform. Plus, his name already attracts heat and that bigger event feel to it. His value, however they plan to use it, can be instrumental in making The League into some super-heel-power.

Sheamus just needs to keep Sheamus-ing, or whatever. He’s decent on the mic, his work in the ring undervalued and he should be given legitimate praise with how he handled the entire “getting Roman over” thing. That said, he is still limited as far as how over — either face or heel — he can be. Without completely abandoning the Celtic Warrior, “I hate all” gimmick (which would make the League no longer, really), Sheamus’ character doesn’t enable him to be that much more complex. He is what he is. And we sort of need to appreciate the fact that it isn’t as horrible as we make it out to be.

Wade with his newly won, fifth IC Championship (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Wade with his newly won, fifth IC Championship (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Enter: Wade Barrett.

Barrett should be a legit main event talent by now. Like every other rising star in the WWE over the last decade, Barrett’s initial push — which was insanely hot — as the leader of the NEXUS was stunted by John Cena… naturally.

He then went on to mid-card purgatory. Because Barrett is gifted creatively and with a microphone, though, every gimmick the WWE hurled toward his general direction is something he would eventually get over. Save for the current King Barrett run, which is an abomination of a gimmick seemingly by design, all the other Barrett characters — Bad News, normal Wade, etc. — have worked. For whatever reason, though, whether it be injuries or the hatred of Barrett naturally getting over with fans, he has yet to reach a spot where he should probably be on the roster.

The League of Nations presents a chance to right all their wrongs with Barrett. Provided, of course, he stays healthy — as he is apparently hurting (again) right now.

Barrett is the group’s best talker. He, like Sheamus, is good enough in the ring as a power-performer to not bore audiences to death. The booking idea here being simple; as The League of Nations continues to be of relevance each week, while having Sheamus and Barrett alternate as the mouthpieces for the group, Barrett’s efforts would inevitably result in him going over with the crowd. This results with resentment building within Sheamus, that inevitable culminates with the group’s splitting and an over-face Barrett vs. Sheamus.

None of this is all that hard. Even if this isn’t the specific plan in place WWE has for The League, by no means should they be shutting down this faction or forcing them to live in Jobbersville, USA. There’s simply too much talent and too little original ideas floating around WWE’s creative team to not use them in some form or fashion positively.

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