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Where Does Sasha Banks Fit in the Divas Revolution?

Sasha Banks

This week on Raw, Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella: Part I did was it was designed to do. It protected Charlotte. It officially gave Nikki good heel heat and also gave her the longest Divas title reign of all time. Finally, it set up Part II for Night of Champions, where Charlotte will become Divas Champion now that Nikki has the record.

On paper, that is a win-win. Nikki gets the record, the heel heat and Charlotte has momentum going into Sunday. After that, everyone will be better off for it. Nikki Bella put her name in the history books, and now WWE never has to mention A.J. Lee again.  It’s nicely done for what WWE is trying to accomplish, but there are some glaring questions for the next few months.

For example, Sasha Banks is the most over performer of the “Divas Revolution.” What’s her long-term plan?

(Courtesy of betweentheropes.com)

The Boss of WWE (Courtesy of betweentheropes.com)

The powers that be can play up the Bellas all they want as the pioneers of women’s wrestling in WWE, but fans like myself know for a fact that the “Revolution” began in NXT. There is a reason why Sasha Banks is considered The Boss of NXT. I’d argue that since her debut on Raw a few months ago, she has been The Boss of the “Divas Revolution” too.

Banks has looked just as strong as Charlotte, which is exactly how it should be. She’s been beating Paige on a regular basis, both with and without heel tactics. Paige has done a good job of putting Banks over and giving her some momentum through solid wins against good competition. Simultaneously, she was the NXT Women’s Champion until dropping the title to Bayley last month in Brooklyn. The Raw after, it was Sasha the crowd wanted, not the Bellas or Charlotte.

(Courtesy of voxcatch.fr)

NXT Takeover: Respect (Courtesy of voxcatch.fr)

That speaks volumes to the state of the Divas Division. Banks is over and getting quality wins. At the same time, she’s putting over Bayley so well, and together they’re going to make history as the first female main event in NXT history. It’s so well deserved and a perfect way to end The Boss’ run in NXT. However, what happens next for Sasha Banks?

On the main roster, Charlotte is becoming the Divas Champion. Unfortunately, that comes with a lot of red tape. Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella on Raw is a perfect example of the troubles that come with this transition the Divas roster is going through right now. Charlotte has to deal with the Bellas hooplah and the record breaking issues, but she’s a Flair. She can handle the swings of booking, and it does Banks a favor by not having to deal with that hang-up.

(Courtesy of dailymotion.com)

(Courtesy of dailymotion.com)

Banks is over as a heel and has the momentum of her singles winning streak. Charlotte’s coronation as champion occurs on Sunday. Obviously, Nikki Bella has her rematch. Where she goes afterward is a totally separate issue. But after the Bella reign is finally over, isn’t it the right call for Banks to become the No. 1 contender to challenge the new reign of Charlotte? She’s currently the most qualified.

It’s classic heel vs. face and their history and experience is going to up the Divas Championship by several notches. No offense to Nikki Bella, but Monday night was the first time she defended the championship in over two months. There is really nowhere to go but up and if Charlotte is to be legitimized as a champion, she needs to defeat the most qualified challengers. It’s one thing to beat Bella after that title reign, but that momentum won’t sustain itself.

(Courtesy of fansided.com)

(Courtesy of fansided.com)

For Sasha Banks, it’s the best thing for her to do. She’s been beating Paige for weeks and continuing to go over others is good for her long term, if the plan is for Banks to challenge later rather than sooner, but why not strike while the iron is hot? Banks has the momentum to challenge now and if anyone should be able to defeat her, it’s Charlotte. She’ll be the Divas Champion and the one to take down Nikki Bella. How is losing to her going to hurt Banks?

Like it or not, the end of the Bella reign is the biggest story the Divas Division has told in years. It took almost a year just to build to this point. The continuation of the Banks vs. Charlotte rivalry on Raw is something that would make the “Divas Revolution” must-watch television and continue the momentum of the Bella’s run for the rest of 2015.

A lot of people are complaining that the “revolution” has failed, saying it’s yet to revolutionize anything.

(Courtesy of wrestlingnews.co)

(Courtesy of wrestlingnews.co)

Charlotte’s ascension to making WWE her house is upon us, but the key to the door is Sasha Banks. If Charlotte vs. Sasha is to be the Lita vs. Trish of this generation, then how can Charlotte rise without Sasha hot on her heels? That’s where The Boss should always be. She’s supposed to be the boss. She’s supposed to be the best.

What else is that character going to do besides being on the warpath to become the Divas Champion, or being the thorn in the side of the champion. WWE brass wanted her to be face, she’d be the one to take the title from Nikki Bella, but it makes sense for it to be Charlotte and it makes sense for Sasha to be first in line given how things have progressed for the Divas Revolution.

Wrestling is supposed to be about who is the best. That’s what Banks vs. Charlotte has always been about. The powers that be want a revolution? They need to start putting the best — not the privileged and the popular — in the spotlight. That’s how you revolutionize women’s wrestling.


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