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WWE Post-Raw Divas Power Rankings

Here’s a look at the WWE Divas power rankings following the Sept. 14 edition of Monday Night Raw:

5. Becky Lynch (Previous ranking: 4): We start with everyone’s — well, except frequent commentator Tim — favorite Lass Kicker, Becky Lynch. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been too much lass kicking as of late.

Last week I complained that she was getting wasted in the relegated role of third wheel to Team PCB. Well, not much has changed.

She’s still a member of the Divas division’s most dominant trio but hasn’t had much individual success lately. Still, she’s provided more than the rest of the supporting characters of the “Divas Revolution” angle.

Here’s to hoping WWE sees her potential once this team-centric storyline ends and she has a “Bexcellent” push.

4. Paige (Previous ranking: 3): Paige lost to Sasha Banks for the second consecutive week. She also didn’t turn heel, despite it being a better explanation for the Divas Championship match ending that saw Charlotte “win, but not really.”

But she’s still regarded as the veteran presence of Team PCB and will likely have a title shot now that the title can finally change hands again. PCB is still likely to face an imposing with either Paige or Becky turning on Charlotte during or — hopefully — after her championship win.

Most people assume Paige is the likely catalyst for a heel turn once the group does break up.

3. Sasha Banks (Previous ranking: 2): Well, Sasha beat Paige again. So far she’s been the most dominant singles competitor of the “Divas Revolution” angle, yet still hasn’t been considered for a title shot.

Do I really need to explain to you why she’s the best? No, we do this every week.

Whether it’s because she’s the total package of looks, charisma and ability or the fact that she’s carrying the weakest faction through this angle, Sasha’s time needs to come sooner rather than later.

2. Nikki Bella (Previous ranking: 5): I have to give Nikki “Bruno Sammartino” Bella her due. She actually defended her title this week.

She also — unsurprisingly — defeated Charlotte to retain said title and surpass A.J. “CM Punk’s wife” Lee(-Brooks) to become the longest reigning Divas Champion in history.

YAY NIKKI! And how did she do it? Of course, with “Twin Magic” involving her identical twin sister who no longer looks identical to her.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to tell the Bellas apart. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, they both look incredible in different ways. But again, Brie and Nikki as non-distinguishable twins hasn’t been a plausible scenario since their return to WWE several years ago.

Neither is Nikki competing in a match against the top women of NXT, but kudos to her on her title reign. #LOLNIKKIWINS.

1. Charlotte (Previous ranking: 1): Well, it wasn’t quite what I predicted, but it was the swerve and outcome we all saw coming. Charlotte looked like the stronger competitor in her match against Nikki for the Divas Championship.

She even won the match, yet didn’t win the title. Nope, that “awesome” twin magic ending we’ve seen since 2008.

But then Stephanie McMahon came out to notify Charlotte that she’d get her rematch at Night of Champions, which many assumed would happen regardless. Which begs the question: What was the point of this match?

I mean, Charlotte already looks strong. You could have just given her the title shot at N.O.C. Why even have it instead of the 500th tag-team match? Hell, at least that way Becky Lynch would have competed.

I don’t know. But let’s hope the butterfly title is taken from Nikki and an era of Charlotte vs. Sasha, or Becky, or Paige, or — wishful thinking — Bayley begins in the Divas division much like NXT several months ago.

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