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WWE Post-Raw Divas Rankings 11-9-15

(Photo courtesy of WWE.com)

Monday Night Raw aired pre-taped from Manchester, England. There were two Divas matches featured: Becky Lynch vs. Paige and Natalya vs. Naomi.

One match ended in surprising fashion. The other was pretty predictable.

Also worth noting, not one member of Team Bella was shown on Monday. Here’s a look at the Post-Raw Divas power rankings from November 9.

Honorable Mention: Bayley: Everyone’s favorite NXT hugger made an appearance on the European tour as part of the main roster. So her inevitable call up seems to be coming soon, which given the treatment of any recent NXT diva not named Charlotte is both a good and bad thing, depending on booking. If WWE realizes it has a potential female John Cena merchandise seller, it will make the smart decision and capitalize.

5. Natalya: Natalya competed in the second of two divas matches against Team B.A.D. “leader” Naomi. Or, she’s trying to start a rift between Team B.A.D. by calling out the obvious, which is that Sasha Banks is the superior member, despite walking out to Naomi’s theme song. Either way, thanks Nattie, you’re the real M.V.P. And despite getting the “already in the ring” introduction, she was victorious. Well, for about five seconds before being attacked by the rest of Team B.A.D. So yeah, she won but still got jumped. This is going somewhere, but I just don’t know where.

4. Sasha Banks: It’s coming. The inevitable Team B.A.D. breakup is inching closer. Come on, I can’t be the only one who wants Sasha Banks on her own, right? No, I would bet the majority of people chanting “We Want Sasha” and giving little reaction otherwise to any Naomi or Tamina match would agree. Having a match with a Team B.A.D. member who isn’t Sasha and leaving her at ringside is like leaving a Lamborghini in the garage so you can drive a Toyota Corolla. There’s nothing wrong with the Corolla. It drives well enough and is dependable. But it’s nowhere near comparable to the Lamborghini. So the teasing of “Sasha thinks she’s the leader” and “Naomi thinks she’s the leader” will hopefully lead to Sasha reaching the individual success many expect and re-asserting herself into the title picture.

3. Becky Lynch: So Becky Lynch finally won a match. Not just any match, but one against No. 1 contender and verbal gravedigger Paige, who referred to her as “irrelevant” several weeks ago. Finally, she got her revenge by pinning her via rollup while grabbing her tights. It was an instance of a babyface using heel tactic after the heel already attempted to do the same seconds earlier, so it didn’t count as anything unacceptable. Oh, and we got to hear her entrance for the second consecutive week in a row, which is remarkable considering this happened:

Look, I’m not going to question the most successful wrestling promotion in history, but that really doesn’t make any sense. So a Becky Lynch win, especially to the red-hot No. 1 contender seems monumental given her booking in recent months.

2. Charlotte: I think I could repost my exact same entry on Charlotte from last week…and the week before. Despite not having a match, she’s still the person everyone is chasing as the current champion. At least this week she was given a run-in after Paige’s post-match attack on her teammate. And granted, her lack of screen time on Raw gives other Divas the opportunity to gain momentum and build up for future challenges. But yeah, Charlotte as champion is set in a top-two spot after months of being booked as the division’s most dominant Diva, despite not having a match in several weeks.

1. Paige: Paige remains the division’s hottest diva — in this case specifically momentum wise, although you could make a case either way — despite suffering a loss on Monday. She’s still the No. 1 contender and receiving more on-air time than any of her colleagues. If anything, her brutal assault afterward will be the biggest takeaway from a match that was evenly fought. So Paige continues her reign as the Diva with the most momentum heading into Survivor Series.

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