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WWE Roundtable: A Post-Seth Rollins Universe

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We’re a few weeks removed from Seth Rollins’ (WWE) Universe-altering knee injury, but his presence still looms.

With the WWE’s World Championship tournament well underway, Today’s Knockout takes a look at what one Superstar may need to do in order to take a step toward the next level and what may be waiting for him upon the former champion’s return.


Does Roman Reigns need to turn heel and join The Authority in order to succeed as champion?

Riley Kontek: At this point, I think the best swerve would be to have Roman Reigns turn heel and be the cocky, badass champion. The best way that works, though, is if he keeps the talking to a minimum and let an antagonist like Triple H do the talking for him. Reigns can’t cut a promo like Seth Rollins, nonetheless a good heel promo, probably. Survivor Series is the best way to throw a curveball at the fans, make Reigns into a villain and finally make him into the champion the WWE wants. He seems like he’d thrive into that role, and that way, upon return, Seth Rollins can come back and be a babyface, a role he would thrive in due to his exciting style.

William McCormick: Reigns doesn’t “need” to turn heel at all. He’s doing well as a face. I think a major problem he had earlier this year is he wasn’t fighting a heel. He won the Royal Rumble in spite of the fans wanting Daniel Bryan. Then he spent the next two months and WrestleMania match feuding with Bryan and Lesnar.

He didn’t have a solid heel to establish him as a face. He’s spent a lot of 2015 in a war with Bray Wyatt and he’s either going to be feuding with The Authority, or whoever becomes the next champion. The rumors are that will be Dean Ambrose or Kevin Owens. Either way, he can succeed as long as he has valuable opponents that establish him with the WWE Universe.

Jason Hall: At this point, WWE is in a no-win situation with Reigns as a babyface champion. The critics will complain that Reigns is getting the opportunity that their favorites aren’t, which doesn’t help that he’ll have to go through Cesaro and the winner of the Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler bracket. I think the best bet is to turn him heel. If you turn Ambrose, the crowd will side with Ambrose. So yes, for Reigns to win the title right now he needs to be a heel champion


What impact will social media have on Rollins’ eventual return?

RK: Seeing that WWE is obsessed with social media, it will probably be huge for Seth Rollins and his eventual return. They can highlight and track his recovery and eventual return. Of course, tracking him will and his eventual perseverance can only lead to one thing: a babyface return. The authority disregarding him and trying to have “a new guy” should lead to immediate tension and a feud, namely with former predecessor Triple H. The social media aspect is big, though, so fans don’t forget about the WWE’s most exciting in-ring performer.

WM: Seth Rollins has unintentionally added his name to the list for men and women who have gone down with a major injury while at the top of their game. It’s happened to Daniel Bryan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H, to name a few. For The Game and Austin, they didn’t have to worry about social media while they were recovering. Social media forces guys like Daniel Bryan and now Seth Rollins to update the world on their recovery, so their return is well known by many. Social media makes it much more difficult for a return to occur and in the case of Rollins, he’s going to advertise his return in big bold letters because it’s too hard for him to hide in the past like when Austin, or Trips got hurt.

JH: Seth Rollins’ recovery should be documented through social media. This allows him to not only remain fresh in their minds, but also build toward his comeback and detail how much of an obstacle his injury was. It’s assumed he’ll return as a babyface, which through social media, should be a successful turn upon his first appearance.

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