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Cesaro Deserves Better, Needs Fan Support

Two months ago, I wrote that Cesaro was red hot after inserting himself right in the middle of the John Cena-Kevin Owens feud to steal the show with multiple main event matches on Raw. The crowd seemed to be turning for Cesaro and he was gaining serious momentum as a face for the first time. This led to Cesaro vs. Owens, which was a no win scenario for either man. Now, Owens is the Intercontinental Champion while Cesaro is losing clean to the Big Show for some reason.

It’s a shame to see what has happened to Cesaro over the summer. It’s an outrage. I’m shocked with how Cesaro has been used. Two months ago, he was putting on great matches with Cena. After that, he put over Owens, which made sense at the time. But now, Cesaro is being used to put over the Big Show just to sell his match with Brock Lesnar in New York. Why would WWE squash Cesaro’s momentum completely and turn him into the biggest stepping stone in WWE?

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Cesaro deserves so much better than this. How many more times does he need to overperform his role to be taken seriously as a draw in WWE? The last time someone truly deserved better was Daniel Bryan and the fans refused to give up on him until he was in the position the fans wanted him in. The power of the fans eventually won, but that was two years ago. The time for the fans to fight again is right now with Cesaro. Cesaro deserves and needs our help.

Cesaro and The Fans (Courtesy of dailywrestlingnews.com)

Cesaro and The Fans (Courtesy of dailywrestlingnews.com)

Cesaro is being buried. His momentum started taking off with those Cena matches. Had he started beating top tier performers, he could have gone on a serious run. Losing most of his matches against those same performers gives Cesaro an aura of “good, but not good enough.” That is clearly how WWE brass looks at him.

After the Cena matches, Cesaro vs. Owens made sense at the time. That match was specifically booked to appease fans like me and they both had something to prove against each other. It was understandable for Owens to go over Cesaro. He was the new talent and had just lost the Cena feud overall. He needed the win more. Owens launched himself toward the IC title shortly after. Cesaro is putting over Big Show when he can match two of the best performers on the roster? Where are Cesaro’s quality wins?

It’s understandable that Big Show needs to look strong for Brock Lesnar and Madison Square Garden, but what’s wrong with the million other guys to put him over? If Show needs quality wins to eventually put over Lesnar, what about Randy Orton?

WWE is booking Sheamus to lose to add the surprise factor to Money in the Bank, so why crush Cesaro’s push when he had more positive momentum than any of them?

Cesaro wasn’t even on the pre-show of Night of Champions despite his recent run. If WWE is consistently going to use Cesaro as the gatekeeper to put over everyone else, doesn’t Cesaro need some wins, or a decent run at some point to prove that a win over him actually means something? What’s awesome about Cesaro is he manages to continue to look good even though he’s losing on a really consistent basis. What would his momentum be like if he actually won some matches?

(Courtesy of bleacherreport.com)

(Courtesy of bleacherreport.com)

They’ve tried to get him over, but it’s never been natural. Vince McMahon has specifically said that Cesaro lacked the “it” factor last December. Two months ago, it was natural. I understand that WWE brass had other plans, but isn’t it their job to listen to the fans and adhere to what they want today? How is any performer going to get over as a face when he keeps losing to guys like Big Show who are only winning in order to put over someone else? He’s a jobber’s jobber. That is unbelievably unfair.

(Courtesy of sportskeeda.com)

Cesaro (Courtesy of sportskeeda.com)

We can change his fate. We’ve done it before. It worked with Stone Cold. It worked with Daniel Bryan. Cesaro is the next guy we should push as fans. He deserves it.

There is the one trump card in this business and it’s the fan’s opinion. WWE brass can think whatever they want, but if the fans want a guy pushed, he’ll get pushed. This is what the Cesaro situation has come to. The guy has consistently put on good, or even great, matches with almost anyone but does the WWE Universe think he’s of best value putting over other talents?

Cesaro needs the support of the fans to make it the next level, because while awesome in-ring ability, good momentum and the support of his peers should be enough, it’s apparently not. WWE needs to listen to the people and the people need to push their guys once more. Isn’t it time for Cesaro to become a star? The power is in our hands. Let’s make Cesaro the star he deserves to be.

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