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Survivor Series Matches Worth Revisiting on WWE Network

Survivor Series is home to one of the more unique match types the WWE offers. Teams of four or five form to duke it out in giant elimination matches with any number of prizes at stake. This century, we’ve seen ownership of the wrestling mogul, temporary authority and, most recently, the livelihood of the current Authority stable all battled for in these types of matches.

When the pay-per-view first premiered, the cards were centered strictly around such contests. Of course, watching 40 superstars compete in just four matches became a bit of overkill and the WWE reduced it to just one or two elimination tag matches per show. In 2002, the WWE neglected to have even one match of this sort, but they’ve offered up at least one in every year since.

With the current feud being waged between the Brothers of Destruction and the Wyatt quartet, it appears more likely than not that Undertaker and Kane will recruit a few partners and keep the trend alive. That match promises to be a hard-hitting, compelling affair and what better way to get in the mood for it, and Survivor Series (SS), than to hop on the WWE Network and watch some classic giant tag matches from the recent past?

Today’s Knockout is here with some options for you to whet your whistle in anticipation of this forthcoming matchup.

Survivor Series 2001: Team WWF  vs Team Alliance

Talk about a superteam. (courtesy of WWE.com)

Talk about a superteam. (courtesy of WWE.com

Team WWF Team Alliance
Rock Stone Cold Steve Austin
Chris Jericho Rob Van Dam
Undertaker Kurt Angle
Kane Booker T
Big Show Shane McMahon

OK, so the Invasion angle wasn’t all we’d hoped it would be. Instead of an onslaught launched on the WWF by the biggest stars of WCW and ECW, it was more of a battle between the McMahons. That much is evidenced by the fact that Stone Cold, Kurt Angle and the boss’ son, Shane McMahon, prop up the WCW/ECW side. The fact that the nWo, Goldberg, Scott Steiner and Ric Flair would join the WWE less than a year later makes the pill even tougher to swallow.

But for all it’s flaws, the Invasion did produce some quality in-ring work. This match, the final battle in a months-long storyline, is a sterling example of that. And, though the names are hardly representative of a trio of wrestling promotions which starred in the ’90s, it still may be one of the most star-studded matches in Survivor Series history. With the future of the WWE at stake, and in-fighting amongst one of the two teams, this match makes for an exciting watch.

Survivor Series 2004: Team Orton vs Team Triple H

Edge and Randy Orton were two budding stars heading into Survivor Series 2004. (courtesy of WWE.com)

Edge and Randy Orton were two budding stars heading into Survivor Series 2004. (courtesy of WWE.com)

Team Orton
Team Triple H
Randy Orton Triple H
Chris Benoit Edge
Chris Jericho Batista
Maven Snitsky

This match represented perhaps the last time when a prolonged program between Randy Orton and his former teammate and mentor, Triple H, sounded appealing. Orton’s face run stagnated and plans for a WrestleMania clash were eventually scrapped, but heading into this matchup, that feud was white hot. When it was announced that each member of the winning side would get a week to serve as General Manager of Raw, anticipation only heightened.

While this contest looks star-studded now, it was waged before the likes of Orton, Chris Jericho, Edge and Batista had fully achieved the status attached to them now. That alone makes it fun to go back and watch a host of rising stars show out. Triple H and Evolution getting a rare taste of comeuppance only adds to the fun.

Survivor Series 2005: Team Raw vs Team SmackDown!

When Bobby Lashley's the least memorable man on your squad, you're probably in good hands. (courtesy of WWE.com)

When Bobby Lashley’s the least memorable man on your squad, you’re probably in good hands. (courtesy of WWE.com)

Team Raw
Team SmackDown!
Shawn Michaels Bastista
Kane Rey Mysterio
Big Show John “Bradshaw” Layfield
Carlito Bobby Lashley
Chris Masters Randy Orton

While the Attitude Era is so often trumpeted by wrestling fans, the period not long after, particularly the first six or so years of the brand extension, was a hell of a time to be a wrestling fan as well. With a surplus of star power, the WWE created it’s own competition. Raw and SmackDown both prospered as mostly unique entities. Which, of course, made it all the more enticing when their paths crossed.

Granted, the two shows operated under the same umbrella, but it still felt like a special occasion given how rarely these superstars crossed paths at this times. And superstars is what they are. Seven near-locks for the WWE Hall of Fame, with apologies to Carlito, Chris Masters and Bobby Lashley, participated in this one. Shawn Michaels was left in a three-on-one situation and required a Herculean effort to pull out a victory for the Raw team. Whether or not he managed it is something you’ll have to see for yourself.



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