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Biggest Questions Heading Into Lucha Underground Season 2

It’s been over a week since Lucha Underground was renewed for a second season, giving fans plenty of time to process the news and drool over what’s to come.

It’s only been a couple months without Lucha Underground on the TV screen, but the wait has felt like forever. Fans have been devoid of Cero Miedo, crazy Angelico dives and Dario Cueto’s snarky smile. Life just hasn’t been the same since.

Trying to uncover everything we can’t wait to see next season is like trying to beat Cage in an arm wrestling match — or in anything for that matter. Just ask Mack.

Last week I went over some improvements Lucha Underground needs to make heading into next season. Now I’ll bow to the Aztec Gods, make a sacrifice to my master and try my best to narrow in on what we’re looking forward to most in season two.

Who will Pentagon Jr. sacrifice to Vampiro next?

YouTube Screenshot

Pentagon Jr. and Vampiro make one wacky duo (Courtesy of El Rey)

Pentagon Jr. is not only one of the most compelling wrestlers in Lucha Underground; he’s one of the most captivating and intriguing performers on the planet. His eerie, undead Samurai look is both mesmerizing and frightening. Coupled with his impressive wrestling acumen and catchy “Cero Miedo” catchphrase, he’s pretty damn awesome.

Of course, given his sadist nature, it was only right that he’d align himself with someone who is somehow even crazier.

When Vampiro and Pentagon Jr. went at it at Ultima Lucha, it embodied everything that makes Lucha Underground so awesome and so absurd. Their chemistry is somehow both horrific and comical at the same time. At the end of their match, after both men had just went at it tooth and nails (quite literally), it was revealed that Vampiro was Pentagon Jr.’s master.

If the two were able to generate that much destruction facing off against each other, imagine the havoc they’ll wreak on unsuspecting performers in the Temple.

Prince Puma, Alberto El Patron, Fenix, or maybe even Vampiro’s announcing partner, Matt Striker. Whoever their target may be, stay away from dark alleys, séances, or whatever else Pentagon Jr. is into because he’s always looking for some more sacrifices to make to Master Vamp.

When, if ever, is Rey Mysterio making his debut?

(Courtesy ofsuperlider.mx)

Will we see this moment in the Temple? (Courtesy ofsuperlider.mx)

There hasn’t been any official reports on Rey Mysterio — perhaps the most iconic luchador ever — joining his Hispanic brethren at Lucha Underground, but it certainly seems like all signs are pointing in that direction.

At 40 years old and clear of the WWE for the first time since 2002, Mysterio has been touring the independent circuit all over the world, including wrestling in front of family and friends in Mexico, following a schedule that’s less taxing on his on his battle-tested frame.

It was a small upset that he didn’t make the jump to Lucha Underground by the end of the first season, but it will make his practically inevitable debut all the more satisfying.

He was a pioneer of the fast-paced, highflying style that is at the core of the Lucha Underground culture, and he’s nostalgic to wrestling fans that followed him since his WCW Cruiserweight days. The roof will blow off the Temple when he makes his arrival.

The best part will be waiting and seeing what he does and who he ultimately faces. Even at such a ripe age, Mysterio can still go with the best of them, and seeing him share the ring with the likes of Prince Puma, Fenix or Drago, among others, is just asking us to collectively mark out.

Who’s going to stop the Age of Death?

(Courtesy of solowrestling.com)

Mil Muertes and his cronies are atop the throne heading into Season 2 (Courtesy of solowrestling.com)

We already covered this subject a bit more in depth, but Mil Muertes and his Disciples of Death reigning over the Temple is certainly the biggest storyline heading into the second season.

I mean, really, last season left us on a Games of Thrones-esque cliffhanger as evil prevailed, with everyone’s fan favorite getting pummeled, effectively relinquishing his throne atop the Temple to the dark side.

Mil Muertes is essentially the Undertaker of Lucha Underground: an old, wily veteran who plays dirty while taking a hit, only to keep coming. His presence alone makes him a worthy champion, but he’s proved to be the perfect foil to highfliers like Puma and Fenix.

I’m still reeling over Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc dropping their Trios Championship belts to the Disciples of Death, whose real identities remain unknown. They’re not quite fan favorites or prominent heels just yet, and we may not know who they are exactly, but their deadly (though a bit cartoony) look is fitting next to Muertes, making him seem even more powerful.

It will be fun to see who emerges, if anyone, as worthy counterparts to the seemingly indestructible Mil Muertes and his Disciples of Death.

I warned you, it’s impossible to cover everything there is to look forward to because there’s so much to love about Lucha Underground right now.

When will Fenix cash in his title shot? Who is Cage’s next victim? What plot is Dario Cueto scheming up next? There’s so many questions we want answered, which will make the wait to 2016 seem excruciatingly long.

Let’s see if Lucha Underground tries to push the envelope even further in its second season.

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