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The Future of Lucha Underground’s Mundo-Melina Alliance

Lucha Underground has officially announced the taping dates of season two. The tapings for Season two of LU will take place in Los Angeles on Nov. 14-15, and will continue on Nov. 21-22.

There has been a lot of speculation lately about the possibility of Lucha Underground’s second season from a storyline perspective.Catrina’s Army of Death is dominating The Temple with all of the gold, and Rey Mysterio has been rumored to make an appearance at some point. A lot of new talent is going to want to be involved with the promotion. With Alberto Del Rio returning to WWE at Hell in a Cell, LU has even more money to produce content or pay for more talent to come to the roster.

All that and there’s a lot to wonder about Melina’s unexpected return to Mundo’s side.


Now that Melina and Mundo are officially back together in Lucha Underground, what are the possibilities for them? Ultimately, this comes down to being heels, or being faces. Alberto El Patron is now in WWE. Rey Mysterio’s status for appearing in the promotion is unlikely for this November, so what kind of depth does the promotion have for top faces?

Prince Puma is obviously in that conversation. There is Sexy Star, but she’s going to be in a feud with Marty “The Moth” Martinez” for “abducting” her. She’s probably going to want to settle that score. I’d assume Puma would want his rematch at Mil Muertes and the Lucha Underground Championship. There aren’t many options for Mundo given the depth of the roster as of right now.

What’s interesting about Lucha Underground is there are a lot of intergender team combinations. There are Melina and Mundo, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc, there is Cheerleader Melissa and The Moth, and there is Catrina and Mil Muertes. That’s a lot of depth for that dynamic on the roster, but other than Havoc and Ivelisse, they’re all heel teams.

I think Johnny Mundo and Melina should transition as heels into another face combo for the roster. The issue with El Patron is over, and Johnny Mundo got his comeuppance after he was thrown through Dario’s office door to end their feud at Ultima Lucha. Obviously, Mundo getting revenge on El Patron is out the window, so other than a feud with Ivelisse and Son of Havoc, there isn’t much to do that involves both of them.

Ivelisse and Son of Havok (Courtesy of twitter.com)

Ivelisse and Son of Havok (Courtesy of twitter.com)

As heels, this could be a very good feud to reestablish Havoc and Ivelisse as a couple after their quiet reunion at the end of the first season. If that duo as “One last ride” together into season two, there are a lot of cool stories in these four talents getting together. Son of Havoc vs. Johnny Mundo would be so much fun to watch and “The Baddest Bitch in the Building” against Melina is a really good way to establish Melina’s character in and out of the ring in the promotion.

Once the feud with Sexy Star and Marth “The Moth” continues in season two, it’s only a matter of time before Cheerleader Melissa’s character arrives in the storyline, but it’s also only a matter of time before Sexy Star finds a partner to help her even the odds. Once that partner has been chosen, there is the possibility of a feud between those two and Melina and Mundo.

I had the idea of Rey Mysterio swooping in like a superhero to save Sexy Star and establish himself in The Temple as a face. After that, Mysterio and Sexy vs. Melina and Mundo is a great feud that could run for the majority of the second season. I’d love to watch more of Johnny Mundo vs. Rey Mysterio. I thought they were great together. Seeing them compete in The Temple would be a special treat.

(Courtesy of solowrestling.com)

(Courtesy of solowrestling.com)

There are just as many options for Johnny Mundo and Melina as faces. Mundo already suffered his fate, so a little humility at the start of season two could fix his rapport with the Lucha Underground fans, and make him a face again with the love of his life. From there, it could be Mundo and Melina to save Sexy Star from “The Moth” and his sister. After that, Melina, Mundo, and Sexy could form a trio and eventually capture the Trio Championship from The Disciples of Death.

Honestly, the best option for them may be to target Mil Muertes, Catrina, and the Lucha Underground Championship. It has been what Mundo has been chasing from the very start, so a feud with Muertes makes sense after winning the Trios Championship, or even before accomplishing that.

Catrina doesn’t wrestle or she hasn’t to this point. Melina could still establish herself at ringside or in the ring with the Man of a Thousand Deaths, but Muertes vs. Mundo is a feud Lucha Underground is going to book eventually, so it may be the perfect way to end the second season if all goes well with the tapings.

There is a lot for the duo of Johnny Mundo and Melina to do in season two of Lucha Underground. The question is just which direction he will be headed. There is always the possibility of Pentagon Jr. and Vampiro as a feud as well. That would be intense.


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