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Lucha Underground: The Reign of A Thousand Deaths

Courtesy of wrestlingnews.co

Lucha Underground is officially coming back in 2016.  There are going to be many improvements to a new promotion that already had better storytelling, creativity and a greater in-ring product than almost all promotions in the industry.

Lucha Underground was a giant breath of fresh air for wrestling fans that were craving something new, vibrant and different. Ultima Lucha was the three-hour, two-week extravaganza that served as the season finale. Ultimately, what happened creatively was Death took over Lucha Underground.

At Ultima Lucha, Mil Muertes became the Lucha Underground Champion by finally defeating and unseating Prince Puma after so many had failed. If that weren’t enough, The Disciples of Death also captured the Trios Championship from Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc. With Catrina in control, the Age of Death has taken over Lucha Underground and will be the most dominant force in the promotion going into Season 2.

(Courtesy of 411mania.com)

(Courtesy of 411mania.com)

Death will loom over The Temple to begin Season 2, and this puts Catrina at the center of the promotion. As much as Dario Cueto is the owner and chief of Lucha Underground, the foil to Dario is Catrina. Many will argue Konnan, but the thing about Catrina is that she has the power of Death on her side in the form of the Disciples, and Mil Muertes who now control all the gold of The Temple. She commands complete fear and power in LU that no one can match, not even Dario.

He who has the gold, makes the rules. If anyone is to fight, or strive to achieve almost anything of great value in LU in Season 2, it will go through Catrina’s Army of Death.

Mil Muertes was unstoppable until both Fenix and Prince Puma were able to defeat him in Aztec Warfare. That took a lot, but his burial at the hands of Fenix only made him stronger. Now, he’s LU Champion and the pair have a team of Disciples to reign over The Temple. Who is fit to challenge this stable of Death that reigns over LU?

(Courtesy of http://dailywrestlingnews.com/)

Disciples of Death (Courtesy of dailywrestlingnews.com)

First and foremost, you’ve got the Disciples of Death. Their arrival was unexpected and added multiple layers to Catrina and Muertes. It was one thing to avoid one giant man, but now with a team of Death lurking around, you have to get through The Disciples of Death just to get to The Man of a Thousand Deaths. That’s a tall order for anyone competing in The Temple. Especially, if they want Aztec gold around their waist.

At Ultima Lucha, The Disciples of Death were the team to finally take the Trios Championship from the unlikely trio of Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havok. Their run was a major highlight of Season 1 and when it came to an end at the hands of The Disciples, it was clear that change was upon The Temple. It is guaranteed that Angelico, Ivelisse and Havok will get their rematch, but reclaiming the titles is going to take some time, unless another team gets there first.

Granted, there are a lot of creative shifts in Lucha Underground’s storytelling, so we have no idea what to expect when Season 2 kicks off as far as new alliances go. Working from what there is, a team of Drago, Aerostar and Fenix would be the perfect combination to take the gold away from The Disciples when the time is right. That team would have complete support from the fans and that would give three fans favorites a major payoff after all three more, or less came up short to win big matches in Season 1. Speaking of Fenix, eventually he’s going to have another date with a thousand deaths.

(Courtesy of mediotiempo.com)

Fenix (Courtesy of mediotiempo.com)

At Ultima Lucha, Fenix won the Gift of the Gods Championship. Fenix essentially won the Lucha Underground equivalent of Money in the Bank, only it is cashed in a week beforehand and must be defended basically at Dario Cueto’s will. I suggested something similar some time ago for MITB.

Regardless, Fenix is in control of the one thing that allows him to go after the Lucha Underground Championship and Mil Muertes. This is especially crucial because Fenix is the only one to defeat Mil on his own.

Something equally as important is the last time these two feuded, Muertes was betrayed by Catrina and eventually looked away for the first time since his inception. Perhaps, this was a ploy from Catrina to make Muertes stronger, but there is another possibility. Not only will Catrina betray Mil Muertes because she desires to put him back into the darkness, or because she wants to make him stronger, but it’s possible that she will betray him for Fenix.

Is that because Fenix is a unique competitor that is defeated, yet becomes stronger as the great bird does? If so, that makes Fenix the polar opposite of Mil Muertes. The last time Fenix faced Muertes, he was totally destroyed and was out of action until returning and winning Gift of the Gods. Muertes became the man to finally defeat Puma for the LU Championship.

Both men came back stronger and with their titles, they’ll continue their feud in Season 2. They’re the ying and yang of one another and they need each other to survive. Death needs life, and life will need death.

(Courtesy of jeffreyklyles.files.wordpress.com)

(Courtesy of jeffreyklyles.files.wordpress.com)

What’s most compelling about Season 2 is if death reigns over The Temple in Season 2, the storyline from all other performers will be about their challenges to survive and defeat death as the concept of Lucha Underground continues. Season 1 was about the faces being the focal point of the brand and pulling fans into the promotion, now it’s time for the heels to reign over The Temple and show their power and influence on the wrestling industry and the Lucha Libre style of wrestling.

The reign of a Thousand Deaths is upon Lucha Underground. As a fan, you should expect the survival of the fittest for Season 2.

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