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Rey Mysterio, Lucha Underground a Perfect Pairing

I’m going to be honest. I always am, but this is a touchy subject; I thought Rey Mysterio was done. Watching him come back from injury, only to be hurt shortly after his return was like watching the Little Engine That Could slowly break down. It was sad.

At the same time, I love Rey Mysterio so much that it was difficult to see him continue to break a wheel. Having said that, if he must wrestle, doing so in AAA, or Lucha Underground seems like the best place for him to make an impact.

He’s done everything else and he’s got nothing else to prove, but Mysterio can help build another promotion that could definitely use his fame, name, presence and connection with the fans to assist building more talent. It was really something when Alberto El Patron arrived in The Temple, but Rey Mysterio doing the same thing for Season two would bring Lucha Underground to a whole new level.

(Courtesy ofsuperlider.mx)

Drago, Mysterio and Fenix (Courtesy of superlider.mx)

The moment Rey Mysterio walks into The Temple, he immediately becomes the biggest and most prestigious name on the roster. In typical wrestling promotions, that tends to make him the central focus of creative. This is a significant complaint of WWE style booking. What made Lucha Underground’s first season unique and different is how it built young stars around established veterans, so that fresh talent wasn’t sacrificed to rebuild veterans that the fans already respected and just wanted to see in great quality matches.

This is what makes Rey Mysterio so interesting an addition to the LU roster; he becomes the chameleon of Lucha Underground. There should be an onslaught of young guys striving to work with him and establish their own name against his and his history in the industry. Mysterio has done everything, but there is still new stories for him to tell. Mysterio could work with anyone and have history, or it’s new territory, which is even more interesting.

(Courtesy of golfopacifico.com)

(Courtesy of golfopacifico.com)

Obviously, Mysterio is going to be a face. That’s unavoidable. It’s going to be very interesting to see how LU books his history with guys like Konnan, Alberto El Patron or even someone like Chavo Guerrero Jr. Those relationships stretch over decades and over promotions like WCW, WWE and even AAA. With Rey Mysterio’s ties to all those promotions, his involvement with Lucha Underground does a lot to legitimize its place in the industry and connect wrestling’s past with wrestling’s future.

For Mysterio, this includes putting over the next generation of performers and especially, putting over a lot of heels. There are of course several possibilities for Mysterio to put on great matches with other faces. Now that Johnny Mundo has turned heel, Mysterio could slide in to fill that spot since El Patron’s role moves between being AA Mega Champion and a major face of Lucha Underground.

In Season 2, there can be matches like Rey Mysterio vs. Prince Puma. The history with Konnan and chemistry with Puma would be a showstopper. Mysterio vs. Sexy Star would be really interesting. Personally, I think Rey Mysterio vs. The Mack would be something to see. From the photo above, Mysterio vs. Drago vs. Fenix on the first night in a Triple Threat would be the perfect trend setter like Mundo vs. Puma was last season. Honestly, if Rey can stay healthy, he’s got unlimited possibilities.

(Courtesy of superluchas.com)

Mysterio vs. Pentagon Jr. (Courtesy of superluchas.com)

The more compelling stories for Rey Mysterio to tell are going to be against major heels, which is not something LU is lacking going into Season 2. Just one idea is if the LU powers that be want to establish Mysterio as a hero in the promotion, he could be the one to save Sexy Star from Marty “The Moth” Martinez and his “sister”. Early on, you’ve got Rey saving the day and teaming with Sexy Star to exact revenge against The Moth and his mystery sister. That’s a good launching pad for him to start.

There are bigger fish to fry in Lucha Underground. A very big fish is Pentagon Jr., who is going to have a ton of momentum with Vampiro as his teacher by his side. Vampiro openly talked about his distaste for Konnan throughout the entire first season, which leads creative storytelling to believe that Pentagon Jr. vs. Prince Puma is on the horizon in Season 2. Before then, Pentagon can get a major win over someone like Mysterio to establish him as the most feared wrestler in the promotion.

If that’s how the story is going to be told, while Pentagon Jr. and Puma are deadlocked in a life-or-death battle, Mysterio could target a thousand deaths by challenging Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground Championship. That’s another feud that could see Mysterio put over the biggest heel in the company, or could even see Mysterio win the championship. Even feuds like Mysterio vs. Cage, King Cuerno, or even Johnny Mundo would be highly entertaining feuds to keep Mysterio busy.

(Courtesy of espn.go.com)

(Courtesy of espn.go.com)

In a unique way, Mysterio’s involvement is the bridge to get Lucha Underground more attention. Despite raving reviews and responses from fans and critics alike, LU struggled for a minute to get a second season. Rey Mysterio’s involvement would be a major development to ensure that Lucha Underground never has to struggle again. Sure, he could go back to WWE, or even TNA. He could stay on the Mexican indies, or AAA. However, Rey Mysterio is going to do the most good in Lucha Underground.

There are just too many good matches, feuds and stories for him to tell against heels and fellow faces that it seems a shame for him to not help elevate the hottest wrestling promotion in the industry not under the WWE umbrella. Of course, there is the possibility that he wrestles and gets hurt without much involvement, but his name being a part of the promotion is still a great rub.

Honestly, it’s worth the risk because I’d rather watch the Little Engine That Could try to conquer the next big mountain and fail than settle for mountains he’s already climbed. It would change the wrestling industry and make a hot promotion even hotter than it is going into a Season 2 where Lucha Underground needs to deliver.




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