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Top 5 Moments From NXT 11-18-15

Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe has officially been announced for NXT TakeOver: London. NXT General Manager William Regal decided that Balor and Joe being under the same roof was too explosive for last night’s NXT show. Luckily for us, the women of NXT were more than happy to take over last night’s episode of NXT.

Last week, NXT announced that Bayley would defend her NXT Women’s Championship against Alexa Bliss. Dash and Dawson won the NXT Tag Team Championship from The Vaudevillains. The Ascension accepted Chad Gable and Jason Jordan’s challenge, and Nia Jax continued her dominance.

Last night’s episode of NXT did a lot to determine the future of NXT. Some feuds have been settled, but most have been intensified and a lot is set up for next week’s show. The Vaudevillains will invoke their rematch clause on Dash and Dawson, Eva Marie has made her move, Asuka and Emma continue their game, and NXT continues to show why it’s the heart of the Divas Revolution.

It was a good show and here are the top 5 moments of this week’s edition of NXT:

5. Nia Jax Continues to Dominate

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Another week, another dominant performance by Nia Jax. Not much new to report since she’s been doing the same thing for weeks now. This time, it was Carmella that took the loss from NXT’s powerhouse. It was funny to notice how the NXT fans have warmed to Carmella over the year. I remember when she’d get booed out of the building, but now she’s getting some cheers. Good for her.

Nia Jax had an interesting backstage moment last week. First, Eva Marie took her backstage to have a private conversation. Later on, Jax got to hold the NXT Women’s Championship in her hands before giving it back to Bayley. If I was a betting man, I’d be willing to wager a pretty penny that Jax is getting involved with Bayley’s NXT Women’s Championship sooner rather than later. Could it be as early as next week?


4. Emma Gets Ready For Asuka

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Ever since Asuka demolished Dana Brooke, the former vs. Emma has been building to a confrontation. Last night, Emma got another win over a Mary Kate, who looked pretty good. We haven’t seen the last of her, but Emma is the one who needed the win here. She got it and she looks dominant in a way she hasn’t been able to pull off until now.

In a backstage interview, Dana Brooke challenged Asuka to a match next week that was accepted. After she left, Emma and Brooke spoke about setting a trap to take out Asuka. It’s very likely that Asuka will fall into the trap, but I think a partner will come to help her out of it and set up tag matches to buy time for Asuka vs. Emma in London. It’s a good plan. I like it.


3. The Ascension vs. Chad Gable & Jason Jordan

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

This match is why I like The Ascension. If you don’t “get” them on the main roster, it’s because the NXT Universe sees something different in them. The NXT crowd was fun the entire night and they couldn’t have been more pleased to see The Ascension back in NXT.

What was great about this match is the return of Connor and Viktor just to put over Gable and Jordan.

The match was a lot of fun and the victory went to the right team. Gable and Jordan made a big statement with the victory over The Ascension. They called out the longest reigning NXT Tag Team Champions of all time and then beat them in the middle of the ring. NXT is building the team of Gable and Jordan perfectly.


2. Bayley vs. Bliss

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Bayley vs. Bliss was exactly what I expected it to be. It was a fun match with two performers I respect. The only issue is that sometimes in wrestling, you know when the title could change hands and when it won’t. This was a won’t situation. Bayley’s momentum is hotter than it has ever been, but Bliss is a fine hand in the division. She’s got a lot of growing to do inside the ring, but she’s got attitude. She just needs some time.

The ending of the match seemed a little abrupt for me and the final sequence wasn’t a good finish. I was a little surprised by the chemistry of Bliss and Bayley, but now I know why they cut the match a little short. NXT needed to set up Bayley vs. Eva Marie for next week.

1. Bayley vs. Eva Marie for the NXT Women’s Championship

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

I really hope the powers that be in NXT aren’t patting themselves on the back and saying, “Look how over Eva Marie is as a heel. We’re doing such a good job.” I don’t think that’s what they’re doing. I’d like to think they’re allowing the NXT fans to throw their venom at her now to get it out of the way, but thrusting Eva Marie onto Bayley’s level could be a mistake. Last night’s crowd reaction proved that.

It’s just a no-win scenario for all involved. Eva Marie is not ready in the ring, on the mic, or with the NXT Universe. That reaction is not heel heat. That is hate. That is the NXT fans telling anyone who is listening that we don’t want you here period. I can’t even imagine what next week will be like if Eva wins the title.

I think NXT brass is too smart to put the title on her now. I think Nia Jax is actually the wild card in this situation. I think Nia Jax gets involved next week to set up Bayley vs. Eva Marie vs. Nia Jax for NXT TakeOver: London. In that match, I think it’s Bayley vs. Jax with Eva as the third wheel. I think a partnership is forming with Marie and Jax that will lead to Eva winning the championship.

That’s not bad at bad idea. Clearly, the NXT Universe isn’t going to buy Marie beating Bayley in the ring, but they’ll buy Jax destroying Bayley to give Eva the opening to steal the title. That’s just good heel booking. I like that scenario if Eva Marie must win the NXT Women’s Championship.

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