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UFC Seoul Results: Bendo Outpoints Masvidal

Benson Henderson
Photo Courtesy of AP

For the first time in its 22-year history, the UFC is heading to South Korea.

With its Octagon ready to go, UFC Fight Night 79 is headlined by former lightweight champion Benson Henderson and one-time Strikeforce lightweight contender Jorge Masvidal. Coincidentally enough, the former lightweights are both competing at 170 pounds now.

The rest of the card features some relatively well known homegrown talent, as Dong Hyun Kim (the welterweight one) faces Dominic Waters in the co-main event. The main card also features one of South Korea’s best, as “The Korean Superboy” Doo Ho Choi makes his second appearance inside the Octagon.

Results for the event will be updated routinely:

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass, 5 a.m. ET)

  • Dominique Steele def. Dong Hyun Kim via KO (Round 3, 0:37)
  • See Ho Ham def. Cortney Casey via unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)
  • Fredy Serrano def, Yao Zhikui via injury TKO (Round 1, 0:44)
  • Dongi Yang def. Jake Collier via TKO (Round 2, 1:50)
  • Tae Hyun Bang def. Leo Kuntz via split decision (29-28 x 2, 28-29)
  • Mike De La Torre def. Yui Chul Nam via split decision (29-28 x 2, 28-29)
  • Marco Beltran def. Ning Guangyou via split decision (29-28 x 2, 28-29)

Main Card (UFC Fight Pass, 8 a.m. ET)

Doo Ho Choi vs. Sam Sicilia

Round 1: Choi lands an uppercut early as both men look to trade. Sicilia seems to be rocked for a moment and falls to the canvas, but Choi is unable to finish here. Moments later, Choi lands another staggering punch, followed up by several punches to a downed opponent. It’s Choi’s second straight first-round stoppage in the UFC.

Result: Choi def. Sicilia via TKO (Round 1, 1:33)

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Alberto Mina

Round 1: The two take a measured approach early, comfortable with throwing nothing more than a few leg kicks to get things going. Neither fighter did much to control the action in the first half of the round, with both men failing to find a signature moment through the first four minutes. Akiyama was getting the better of the leg kick exchanges in Round 1, but failed to stuff Mina’s second takedown attempt in the final seconds of the round.

Round 2: Akiyama continued to find success in his thudding leg kicks, as Mina’s lead leg would begin showing signs of damage by the opening minute of Round 2. Mina began losing mobility, using nothing but some takedown attempts to try and salvage his chances at winning the round. Mina moved forward, landing a solid combination on Akiyama who was backing up in a straight line. Akiyama gets caught with a low blow in the waning seconds of the round, but manages to continue. Mina catches Akiyama with several punches that nearly finished the fight in Round 2. Ten to 15 more seconds and Mina could have very well been victorious.

Round 3: All the momentum that Mina had heading into the final round seemed to have subsided. Slow to move or get up to his feet after takedown attempts, it was apparent the bruising on Mina’s leg was taking a toll on the Brazilian’s game plan. Mina goes for a takedown with about 30 seconds left, but Akiyama has nothing off it. Mina, who’d gotten used to spending a few seconds on the canvas before getting back up, was startled when Akiyama decided to strike the downed opponent.

Result: Mina def. Akiyama via split decision (29-28 x 2, 28-29)

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Dominic Waters

Round 1: Kim opens the contest looking relaxed on the feet, attempting a cartwheel kick just seconds into the fight. Waters catches the kick, though, clinching up with the No. 7 welterweight. The clinch proved to be Waters’ undoing, however, as Kim tossed the new Jackson-Wink fighter to the canvas. Not long after, Kim had Waters in a crucifix. None of the blows were all that damaging, but referee Leon Roberts had no choice but to stop the fight.

Result: Kim def. Water via TKO (Round 1, 3:11)

Benson Henderson vs. Jorge Masvidal

Round 1: Masvidal stalks early, but Henderson isn’t just backing up without throwing some shots of his own. Masvidal goes for a body kick late, but gets caught with a punch Off balance, Masvidal falls to the canvas for a brief second. They exchanged several more times throughout the round, but it seemed as if Bendo was getting the better of Masvidal. A close round for the judges to score.

Round 2: Masvidal’s leg started to show some damage from the few leg kicks Henderson threw his way in Round 1. Henderson shoots for a takedown and misses, allowing Masvidal to land some strikes while Bendo was on the canvas. He’d land a few more as Henderson got back to his feet up against the cage. Henderson landed some damaging knees to the legs of Masvidal in the final seconds of the round, likely securing this one on the cards.

Round 3: Henderson lands a few jabs early, shoots for a takedown about two minutes in. Pressed up against the cage, Masvidal was caught with three elbows. Obviously in a vulnerable position in the judge’s eyes, Masvidal lands a few soft punches for safe measure. They exchanged combinations for the remainder of the round, but Henderson seemed to be faster to the punch.

Round 4: Bendo shoots for a takedown early, settling for dominant position in a clinch against the cage against Masvidal. He lands a different takedown with about two minutes to go, but Masvidal gets back to his feet seconds later. Masvidal eventually finds himself in top position against Henderson, but doesn’t do much to sway the round in his favor.

Round 5: Masvidal goes for a high-elbow guillotine, momentarily putting Bendo in some sort of trouble. Henderson falls to his back and escapes the submission, but eventually finds himself pressed up against the cage with about two minutes to go. Henderson took advantage of a brief opening by shooting for a takedown that never came. He had Masvidal pressed up against the cage before several technical transitions that found both men in dominant positions for brief seconds.

Result: Henderson def. Masvidal via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 49-46)


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