Finding a comfortable standing desk: Factors that matter

If you have realized the ill-effects of sitting for long hours and have decided to get a standup desk, it is wise to consider all options. A standup desk, as the name suggests, allows the use to sit and stand as needed. Just by standing for more time, you can burn more calories, which reduces the risk of obesity and other lifestyle diseases. Many professionals also agree that standing desks add to productivity at work. The good news is there are many options available for different needs. You can check for PrimeCables stand up desks at amazing prices, with electric variants costing as low as $200. In this post, we are sharing more on what it takes to find a comfortable standing desk. 

  1. Start with type. Typically, standing desks are categorized into two categories – manually adjustable and electric. Manual ones are to be manually adjusted for height, while electric standing desks are powered by electricity. If ease of use and productivity are your immediate expectations, consider an electric one. 
  2. Weight capacity. Depending on what all you keep on your desk, you may have to consider the weight capacity among the primary aspects. Go for a standing desk that allows enough room to hold everything in place. 
  3. Speed. For electric standing desks, this could be a good point of consideration. It is impractical to get a desk that takes considerable time to shift between positions. Electric standing desks must be easy to use and should have good speed. 
  4. Quality. The quality of a standing desk also determines the price. As with any type of desk, the primary materials determine the overall build and use of standing desks. Since this is an investment for work, don’t shy away from paying a tad more. 
  5. Adjustment range. Not all standing desks have the same scope for adjustments. If you are too tall or short than an average person, you need a desk that is comfortable to use in both sitting and standing positions. 
  6. Noise. If you are buying an electric desk for office or shared workspaces, you need one that wouldn’t make a lot or noise. For both manual and electric standing desks, this could be a big factor, because you don’t want the operations to disturb others. 

Finally, the price is a big factor, but there are several choices that can be considered even for smaller budgets. Your first standing desk should be an electric one.