4 Workplace Issues that a Lawyer Can Solve in Ontario

Being an employer/employee, you should be aware of US labor laws. Otherwise, you may end up violating certain laws as an employer or miss employee opportunities. With the help of a lawyer for workplace problems in Ontario, you can resolve your employment issues. 

Here are the workplace issues that a lawyer in Ontario can help you in resolving: 

  • Employer Harassment 

The US law doesn’t allow your employer to harass employees in any manner. You are liable to hire an attorney if your employer is harassing you repeatedly. If you experience any sort of workplace harassment, you should first complain about it to the employer. A skilled employment lawyer can help employees claim discrimination or pursue dismissal. Workplace harassment can cause huge stress and difficulties. A lawyer can help you to protect your workplace employee rights. 

  • Review Severance Pay Packages

A skilled employment lawyer held employees in understanding their rights during termination. An employment lawyer helps employees review and negotiate severance packages to give employees benefits. During employment termination, you should discuss with your employer if you are liable to pay termination and severance packages. You should also ask if other workplace issues, such as workplace harassment and discrimination claim are to be considered. 

  • Defend Wronged Dismissal Claims

Workplace lawyers in Ontario help employers to defend against wronged dismissal claims resulting due to employment termination. Wrongful dismissal means employers haven’t provided fair packages to employees. If employees do misconduct, which justifies their employment termination for cause, an employer should be capable of explaining terminating them on the spot. An employer should perform a full analysis of certain facts and situations of all cases to know if it has just caused employment termination. 

  • Discrimination

A workplace should be free of discrimination. Besides harassNewment, “Black Lives Matter” and “#MeToo Movement” have brought discrimination issues to the limelight. An employment lawyer helps in advising you on if the conduct that bothers you meets the discrimination’s legal definition. Human rights laws in the US don’t permit lawyers from discriminating against employees depending on color, race, age, gender, disabilities, and other factors. 

The Bottomline

Severe issues, including the above, tend to occur in workplaces in Ontario, which may seem unsolvable. However, you can resolve such issues with the help of an employment lawyer. So, hire them as and when required to get justice.