Boat Wedding Scenario in Barcelona

Wedding preparation is not the simplest task. One of the main elements in preparing the celebration, handled by the event organizer, is choosing the venue. Nowadays, more and more clients prefer venues outside the bustling city center of Barcelona. It is against the backdrop of nature that the most beautiful photos are taken. The landscapes of the suburbs create a serene yet simultaneously festive atmosphere.

If it is not very convenient to go too far away, you can combine urban convenience with panoramic views. For this, you can prepare an alternative program and celebrate the wedding on a boat.


  1. When planning the scenario, remember that choosing a boat should not only depend on the number of guests. Usually, a wedding is accompanied by a banquet – and for furniture arrangement and interior decoration, you also need free space.
  2. Thoughtfully plan the menu. Consult in advance about how much time the preparation of the banquet or buffet will take.
  3. Program. The basis of the event organization is creating a general concept. There is no point in starting preparations until the wedding theme is precisely established. If you have several options, consult with a professional organizer. You can choose a traditional scenario or create a unique festive program.
  4. There are no small details in wedding decoration – every decor detail is important. If you base it on a specific story or era, you will most likely need lighting technicians and decorators to realize the idea.
  5. Despite serious preparation, all efforts expended will serve as a memory for a lifetime. For this, you need video and photo shooting. You can arrange a separate photo session or invite a photographer directly to the celebration. The photos will not just be very clear. A photographer who has already worked on a boat will definitely be able to convey the atmosphere and capture the brightest moments of the celebration.

Advantages of a wedding on water

  1. You don’t need to negotiate separately with everyone involved in the organization of the event. The company manager not only helps to choose and rent a boat in Barcelona but also deals with all preparatory moments.
  2. You can choose a model for any number of passengers. On average, a boat is designed for a wedding from 20 to 250 people. Spacious banquet halls, beautifully decorated decks, several relaxation areas – there is enough space here to dance or hold active competitions.
  3. The main advantage of boats is, of course, the equipment. Any modern model has installed audio and video equipment.

We recommend renting a boat for a wedding at Barcelona Boat Rental. Here you can not only learn more about the technical data of different models but also view photos of the vessel.