Can You Make Free International Calls Without the Internet?

International calls can be a hassle. In addition to exorbitant fees, you also have to figure out the dial code for the country you want to call, check the time, and determine if your mobile carrier serves that area. This is why internet-based calling services like WhatsApp and Skype are very popular. All the caller and receiver need are a mobile phone or device and a stable internet connection. But what happens in remote areas where there is no internet? Can you complete an international call, without the internet, but also without the high fees? Here is a review of internet-free international calls and how they work.

How to Make an International Call Without the Internet

In the world of 4G and 5G internet, calling free using internet is very easy and convenient, especially if both parties have a mobile device and a stable internet connection. But this is not always the case. Internet connections remain spotty and unreliable in some areas, especially those with heavy government regulation, poor infrastructure, or experiencing war.

Providers have found a way to circumnavigate the internet issue without going back to the rates and other hassles of international calling. There are now apps and services that callers can use to make calls from their mobile phones without an internet connection. How do these work, you ask?

International call apps are based on complex internal systems and collaborations with call providers in different countries. When you make a call, your dial request is converted from an international number to a local number. The recipient, in fact, sees a familiar number with their local dial code.

What happens is that, when you make a call, your app or service provider internally dials a local number in your desired destination. This number then makes a call to the local number of your intended recipient and the service connects these two calls – all within seconds.

Understanding Calling Cards

Many international call service providers use calling cards to complete these processes. Calling cards are prepaid cards that allow you to execute internet-free international calls from any location. Essentially, they come into play when you are traveling internationally or have family or business abroad and cannot always rely on the local provider or internet connection. 

Calling cards work by awarding you a specified number of call minutes, with the amount varying depending on your payment plan. Some calling cards do more than allow you to make international calls. Depending on the service provider, a calling card may be an extension of a credit or debit card or come with additional features like an insured account for money transfers.

Benefits of Free International Calls

Internet-free international calls are often referred to as “free” because they technically are. The fact that you do not need any internet means you are not eating into your data plan. Also, because the call is executed locally, you can bypass the exorbitant rates common with international calls. Many service providers also offer monthly or yearly plans that can provide more savings.

Wrapping Up

So yes, you can make international calls without the internet and it could even be better for your pocket. Internet-free international calls are convenient and reliable and can help you reach your loved ones in areas without a good internet connection. If you have a business or loved ones outside the country, consider esteemed service provider MAJORITY. The MAJORITY calling card comes with many deals for low-cost and free international calls as well as a free debit card, and an FDIC-insured account.