Different Types of Pallets to Select to Control Downtime

Any manufacturing company with production lines needs to be concerned about downtime. While an occasional minor breakdown could be inconvenient, major or frequent downtime situations can negatively impact your company’s productivity and reduce your annual earnings.

Some individuals may be a little wary of automation, and it is susceptible to unintended production halts. A single mistake frequently results in the entire production coming to a grinding halt.

However, this does not imply that you have no other choices. There are actions you may take to ensure that your production lines and palletizing procedures never experience downtime.

Top Industries Inc. can design a pallet inverter to suit your process. Let us discuss in this post the different types of pallets used in warehouses.

Different types of pallets

Pallets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They could be strengthened with horizontal boards known as stringers or have a certain top and bottom deck. The following are a few different types of pallets to choose from among the most popular pallet types.

  1. Roto moulded pallets

Rotational moulding is used to create roto-moulded pallets. They come in standard sizes, are affordable, and can be strengthened with steel frames to boost their load-bearing capacity. Pallets that have been roto-moulded are employed in sectors where cleanliness is important.

  1. Injection moulded pallets

Flat pallets in conventional sizes and colours are available as injection-moulded pallets. They can be moved with ease using forklifts, loaders, or jacks and can be used to raise things during transit. HDPE injection-moulded pallets are corrosion-free, recyclable, and long-lasting.

  1. Block/deck board pallets

Pallets made of blocks can be raised in all four directions. 12 columns support the upper deck. A lower deck may or may not exist. Block pallets, which can be composed of wood, plastic, or metal, offer exceptional handling efficiency.

  1. Stringer pallets

Over block pallets, stringer pallets provide more stability. Additional reinforcement is provided by two boards that run on opposite ends of the pallet between the top and bottom decks.

However, this limits the number of open sides from which stringer pallets can be raised to two.

There are also four-way stringer pallets that can be picked up by forklifts thanks to a notch cut in the stringer.

  1. Double face pallets

Typically, pallets only have a top deck. Both sides of a double-face pallet, which has a top and bottom deck, can be used. They are powerful and suitable for use in demanding jobs.

  1. Double wing pallets

Double-Wing pallets are ideal for carrying a lot of items at once since the top and bottom decks extend beyond the stringers to provide more surface area.

  1. Solid deck pallets

Typically composed of wood, metal, or plastic, solid deck pallets have a single continuous sheet with no gaps in between. These are practical for moving smaller goods and are simple to clean and move.

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