The Perks of Eating Grass-Fed Beef 

Beef is such wonderful and lip-smacking meat. It’s packed with nutrients and flavors. You can cook it any way you like! Did you know that it has brain-boosting fatty acids (omega 3 to be precise)? 

There are many more perks of buying and eating grass-fed beef. Let’s first understand the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef and then dive into the perks. 

The Two Types of Beef You Need to Know About 

When you go out to shop for beef, you will find two kinds – grain-fed beef and grass-fed beef. The distinction isn’t very complicated. Grass-fed beef is procured from cows that eat grass. This one’s organic and cows are raised in better conditions. When it comes to grain-fed beef, they’re raised in shoddy condition. Imagine a line of cows in a packed space. They don’t get to move and digest the food. 

Grains are hard to digest, so the cow will be in poor condition. Cattle are not supposed to eat soy and corn – they need to graze on grass. There’s nothing like being in open pastures. 

The Perks of Eating Grass-fed Beef 

  • Grass-fed beef doesn’t have as many calories

Some types of beef are filled with fat. Now, the grass-fed beef is lower in fat content as the cow’s diet was clean and natural. This is interesting news, right? 

  • Get a healthy blood sugar level 

Excess of anything and everything can be bad. Even though corn is healthy, you can’t eat it every day. Similarly, beef is something you should eat once a week or thrice a month. If you lead an active lifestyle, feel free to eat beef whenever you like but limit the portion size. So, as per experts, grass-fed beef has CLA, a good fatty acid. This helps in preventing diseases like diabetes and obesity. It might control and promote healthy blood sugar levels. 

  • Grass-fed beef has healthy fats 

This piece of meat provides almost 6x omega-3 fatty acids. Grain-fed beef has a high level of omega-6 fatty acid. You don’t need the latter in excess. Omega-3 helps with curbing signs of depression and improving focus. 

  • Grass-fed beef has less of bacteria 

Grain-fed beef may have bacteria, but there are lesser chances of grass-fed beef having the same. 

Concluding Thoughts

You need to follow a healthy lifestyle and eat well. If you want quality meats, consider checking out Papa Earth grass fed beef. It’s quite tasty, healthy, and of optimum quality.