Transport your Classic and Vintage Car with Best Shipping Company

Moving a car is quite easy. You book a transportation company and pay them according to the distance. If it is a classic car, then the choice of transportation differs. Moving classic cars to a different state or few states away is a problem. Nobody wants to drive their classic car to a distant city. They always look for a shipping company that can handle classic cars like their baby.

Ship a Car, Inc. transports Collector and Vintage cars from coast to coast and door to door. Their Collector car shippers and staff are fully trained and qualified to handle vintage and collector cars with care and transport to anywhere in the USA. Their service is efficient and affordable whether you’re transporting one collector car or 15.

Whether you’re moving to a different state or across the country, you will never want to drive your classic or vintage car to such a long distance. The risk of accidents, maintenance, repair, damages will depreciate the value of your car. Transporting is the best solution. If you follow these simple steps, your transportation becomes simple and your classic car reaches the destination without any damage –

 Tips for Shipping Vintage Car

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Know the Company

You are entrusting your classic vehicle to a stranger, which is not easy. Therefore, it is important to do your research properly about the company. Look through online about the company and read reviews given by customers and other sites. You need a company that has years of experience in dealing with a classic car, better equipment, and good knowledge.

Book in Advance

When you plan to transport a classic car you take down the list of various transportation companies to match their prices. This helps in getting the best deal by negotiating well. However, don’t take much time because last-minute booking is often expensive. As soon as you make the decision, book with the company so that you don’t feel rushed at the last moment.

Decide the Carrier

Shipping companies provide two types of carriers, open and enclosed. As the name suggests the open trailer will load at least 8 vehicles together and they all are exposed to dirt, debris, pebbles, etc. The enclosed trailer will carry fewer cars, but they’re well protected from scratches, pebbles, dirt, etc. However, enclosed trailers are slightly expensive and so is your classic car.

Insurance Coverage and Preparation

Ask for the insurance policy in the mail from the shipping company. Also, confirm all that is covered in the insurance policy. This is done to confirm if there any hidden clauses or charges. Only 1/4th of the fuel tank should be full. Fix all minor problems beforehand like fuel leakage. Check your car properly before loading on the trailer, to ensure there are no damages or scratches.

Always hire a shipping company that notifies about every location. This way both the customer and the business are on the same page. The shipping cost differs for every company. Most companies provide online quote calculators. With the help of those calculators, you can determine the price and decide accordingly.

Classic cars contain great sentiments as they are history and priceless. Appoint a shipping company that has years of experience in dealing with classic and vintage cars.