Four Tips to Hire a Divorce Attorney to Protect Your Wealth and Rights in a Divorce

Divorce is often complicated, no matter the income level of the spouses involved. But, a person’s affluence in their approach to divorce and the divorce lawyer they pick can significantly affect the outcome of their divorce case. Divorce attorneys vary in personality, experience level, and area of expertise. If you are wealthy and want to divorce, here are tips to help you find a lawyer with values aligned to yours and who can help you meet your financial and child custody goals:

Get Recommendations from Your Trusted Advisors

To start your search for the best divorce lawyer, get a recommendation from a trusted attorney you already work with. This attorney could be someone your family trusts and who specialises in other fields of law. Or they can be a lawyer who handles legal concerns for your family business. As part of the legal community, your trusted attorney knows the good divorce lawyers in your area. Another good resource is someone you know who has good experience with a divorce attorney.

Meet with Several Divorce Attorneys

Interview more than one divorce attorney, so you can hire one whose experience and approach to divorce align with your goals. You need to meet with each other in person to get a feel for how the attorney represents themselves in person. By meeting Andrew Heft divorce lawyer, you can determine whether you are compatible and know if your share the same ethics, values, and morals. 

Go for a Lawyer who Will Respect Your Privacy

If you want to stay out of the spotlight, you may not want a lawyer you see on the news with their divorce clients. Rather, work with an attorney who is known to use discretion, maintain confidence, and respect your privacy. 

Determine What they are Good At

You need to hire an attorney with business acumen and experience as you may have complicated assets. While some lawyers have more experience with complex property cases, others are stronger on custody cases. Some attorneys are strong in both areas. Find a lawyer with extensive experience in the issues your case presents. 

And whether you want to pursue a litigated divorce or a collaborative divorce, you must work with an attorney who has courtroom experience. Find a lawyer who understands how things may play out at the courthouse and is familiar with the court system. Because of your wealth and perhaps social status, your divorce can end up in court and your attorney should be there to fight for and protect your rights.