What are Causes of the injuries within the Oil Casing Pipe?

Oil casing pipe is broadly present in oil field work tasks, so the injuries towards the oil casing will seriously personalize the job within the oil field that really help decrease the job efficiency. The next oil casing manufacturers allow you to get for more information on the standards that creates oil casing damage, and need to influence apparent in the corrosive factors within the oil casing whenever feasible later on.

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Some sandy inclusions will most likely be mixed towards the injected water. When the injected water isn’t filtered, the addendums to water will type in the casing while using the discharge, creating the gap relating to the casings to obtain ignore compact, making the casing Under normal conditions, the strength of the support sheds within the application link, the interior stress is altered, along with the casing is finally broken.

Under normal conditions, there’s a corresponding relationship between undercover pressures, pressure within the overlying strata = pressure within the formation crevices   pressure within the strata framework. The increase of sand will heighten pressure within the rock formation relating to the casings, leading to pressure imbalances and subsidence within the formation, which will make the tubing and casing to bend and deform, causing injuries into it.


Oil generally contains corrosion-resistant substances, for example CO2 and nitrides. These substances will inside the finish be corrosive to grease casing during operation. In addition, water injected with the oil extraction process includes certain corrosion-resistant substances, that will certainly cause corrosion for that casing within the oil field.

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Water injection:

To be able to effectively ensure a reliable oil production rate, oil manufacturers generally inject more water with the oil extraction process. Clearly, thinking about there are numerous cracks or fault structures within the lower layer within the oil well, there’s no chance to understand water injection volume in water injection process. Sinking will seep towards the cracks or problems within the lower layer within the oil field, and finally cause corresponding internal stress adjustments to the lower layer, and so the internal stress experienced the casing within the lower layer within the oil field can transform, therefore the internal stress within the oil casing will most likely be unbalanced. Once the oil casing cannot withstand the overload internal stress, the oil pipeline cracks along with other situations will immediately occur. In addition Article Search, the complex topography and characteristics in the ft in the oil field may also personalize the oil casing. More rocks along with other materials within the finish of some oil fields will affect using oil casing and provide corresponding effects across the oil casing.