How soon will I get side effects after Covid vaccine?

Nowadays, it seems that everyone in this world including the children know what is Covid-19 virus. This is a virus that made its mark in December 2019. It all started in Wuhan district, China when someone got infected by this virus. Soon after, a large scale infection occurs in that particular district by the same virus, causing multiple deaths. Just in a short space of time, this virus had travelled to different other countries in this world, infecting millions of people and causing thousands of deaths. In March 2020, this virus was then considered as a pandemic outbreak by the World Health Organization (WHO). People start panicking and lots of governments started to implement their Covid-19 outbreak protocols in the hope that it can prevent a further spread. However, protocols alone are not enough. It was known before that in order to eradicate a virus, a vaccine has to be found. Since then, the search for Covid 19 vaccine has begun.

Covid-19 vaccine is the only solution that can help to fight and hopefully eradicate this virus for good. In early 2021, some vaccine developers claimed that they had finished the production of Covid-19 vaccines and it will be ready to be served soon. This announcement has prompted almost all countries in this world to import the vaccine into their country in order to be given to all the citizens. In January 2021, these vaccines were given and some of us had received their vaccine shot. For some people, they reported that they experienced some side effects after receiving those vaccines. Well, this situation is actually a normal thing after being vaccinated and it does not matter what vaccine it is.

Experiencing side effects after you got vaccinated simply means that the vaccine is working and that is a good thing. It simply shows that your body immune system is reacting to the vaccine itself and they will be ready to fight a Covid-19 virus invasion sooner or later. Some people did experience the side effects right after their vaccination, however some might experience it after a few days. To be exact, Covid-19 vaccine side effects can be felt after 24 hours of the vaccine shot until not more than 7 days. Besides, some people might not experience it at all. It is actually depending on the individuals because our body was designed to be different between each other.

Majority Covid-19 vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna need a second dose to be completed. Usually, side effects from this second dose will be stronger than the first shot. A lot of people reported that they experienced vomiting, nausea, headache and diarrhea after their vaccination and these conditions got worse during the second shot. However, vaccines such as Johnson & Johnson that do not need a second dose will not give the same experience. Bear in mind that the side effects that were mentioned above are not inclusive, meaning that some people can also experience other side effects that were not mentioned. But, do not worry because these side effects are usually mild to moderate and will not be harmful towards your body. If you think that your side effects are too severe and you cannot tolerate it at all, you need to meet your doctor as soon as possible. Tell your doctor all the information that they need to know such as your vaccination date and the details of your side effects so that your doctor can formulate what is happening. Make sure to always follow what your doctor has told you so that the situation is not getting any worse.