Learn About The Carpets That Do Not Leave Behind The Footprints 

Carpets leave behind footprints or even the path that your vacuum cleaner follows while cleaning the surface. The house owners do not like it when their carpet shows some footprints on it, as it indicates that the carpet has worn out and it is time to change it. This factor has made many residents not walk on their soft and plush carpets with the fear of leaving behind their footprints on them. 

Many carpets do not leave behind the marks of the furniture that were placed on them, or even the footprint marks. You can find the required information about such carpets on many websites, and you can find the information on such websites in the Flooring Domain online directory, including the details about what carpets are ideal for which areas at home. Visit this online directly to know more. 

Reasons for the Appearance of Footprints 

The carpet that is woven by straight Saxony material offers a velvety look. Such carpets will reflect the light rays that fall on them differently from their darker shade, and hence you will see two different shades on your carpet when you run your hand from one side to another on such carpets. 

Textured Saxony 

Just like a straight Saxony, the cut-pile carpet will be woven with a uniform length of the textured Saxony. These are made with the idea of reducing the chances of the footprint marks left behind on the carpet when someone walks on them. The light rays that fall on such textured Saxony will disperse them in different ways, and hence the footprints or anything heavy when placed on it will not leave a mark. 

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Carpet That Won't Show Footprints

Loop Style 

The carpets that are woven with a twist or loop-styled material are likely to show less tracking of footprints on them, as the dispersion of light will not be focused in one direction on these fibres. Hence, they are preferred as a part of the home interior decorations. These options in carpets are less likely to shade early after a few years of usage. 


Frieze is a type of fibre that has a lot of texture. These fibres will not be bound to any particular shapes or designs and will be just woven abruptly in a carpet. This factor makes the light rays get abruptly disrupted all around when the rays fall on them. Hence, these are also considered as carpets that do not leave behind any footprint. 

Cut and Loop 

As the name says, the carpets that are woven with the cut and loop designs will be more likely to get faded early because of the uniform fibres and also their height and texture in the cuts and loops. 

Finding more about the ideal type of carpet for your home will make you steer clear of the types that can leave behind footprints on them. The best and resourceful blogs on the matter can be found in the Flooring Domain online directory. You can get all the required information with the help of some blogs that are listed in this online directory.