NetBase Quid Is the Key to Unlocking the Power of Social Listening

Social listening is the collection of data points around consumers that we can use to discover trends and develop leads. For example, a social listening campaign tells us which social platforms are popular for which products, how they talk about specific products, what keywords are being used by consumers to learn more about a product, and who is coming to a specific page or blog.

Relevant reports give us data that we can use to educate our clients, find new content that we can share with our target audience, and then track their responses. This is a great tool for when we can’t engage them face to face.

Why NetBase Quid?

NetBase Quid provides customers with the tools they need to identify and leverage new ideas and trends in real time. The application has a 360-degree view of what people are saying, watching, and discussing. It’s a consumer insight technique where an organization has direct access to millions of consumers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. Instead of investing in expensive marketing efforts or agency models, NetBase Quid enables business leaders to engage consumers on the platforms that they use the most.

Social Listening Campaign

Social listening is watching what consumers are saying and sharing on their favorite networks. In marketing, it is about gathering and storing a large volume of consumer conversations for subsequent analysis, discovery and trend identification. It’s about understanding what topics customers are talking about with peers and on their favorite networks. It’s about the voices you aren’t hearing. The process is about giving clients a deeper understanding of the world around them and empowering them to develop deeper connections with their customers.

Successful Sales Team

On the surface, you might think that understanding online conversation doesn’t actually produce a lot of business intelligence value. After all, it’s not hard to spend a few minutes scanning your Twitter and Facebook feeds and get a quick impression about what the people in your industry are talking about.

The way to understand your audience is by listening to their conversations. For example, a salesperson might spend time checking social media for mentions of new customers, competitors, and products. In the process, you can learn about customer segments who might be a good fit for your products, and you can gain insight on what people are saying about your brand. Social listening can be defined as:

  • Listening to the voice of the audience
  • Analyzing what people are talking about and listening to the changing preferences
  • Understanding trends and ideas
  • Analyzing the significance of different events
  • Identifying new audiences
  • Identifying trends and ideas
  • Building a list of key influencers

People make decisions based on the way they feel – and that’s why it’s key to understand them. A body of research indicates that ‘feeling’ drives 56% of a purchase decision, and the way a company and its brand connects with the people they influence determines a buyer’s experience, brand loyalty, and ultimately, their willingness to pay for a product.

The practice is used to understand trends, learn about competitors, and leverage unique data sources in combination with traditional research tools. Interpreting social media conversations is not something new or groundbreaking. It is different when it comes to NetBase Quid.

Consumer Emotions and Behaviors

NetBase Quid is the best place to listen to what consumers are saying about your brand, products, and services. It comes with ready-made embeddable social listening metrics, so you can begin to understand consumer. NetBase Quid is a real-time monitoring and reporting tool that finds and connects social conversations from all across the web.