What is Term Plan with Return of Premium?

Term plan is one of the simplest and most popular forms of life insurance. Many people prefer buying a term plan mainly because it is affordable. However, being a pure protection plan, it does not have an investment or savings component. This means you do not get any maturity or survival benefit on policy maturity.

Some people who view insurance as an investment avoid buying a term plan mainly because it kicks into action only after the policyholder’s demise. People believe buying a term insurance is a waste of money as the premium is not returned if they outlive the policy tenure.

So, to mitigate this issue, the IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) introduced a new type of term plan known as the Term Plan with Return or Premium or TROP. It provides maturity benefits at the end of policy term. Let us know more about it.

What is term insurance with return of premium?

A term insurance with return of premium is similar to a standard term insurance policy. It provides financial protection to your family and pays the sum assured to the beneficiary in the event of your untimely demise.

However, one major difference is this policy pays maturity benefits if you survive the policy tenure. There are four important things you must know about maturity benefits in TROP.

  •         The maturity benefit amount you receive is essentially the premium you paid over the years.
  •         You do not get any interest on the maturity pay out.
  •         If you opted for a rider or add-on with your term plan, the amount you pay for the rider will be deducted from the maturity amount you receive.
  •         You are entitled to receive the maturity benefits only if you have paid the premium diligently till the end of policy period.

How does a term plan with return of premium work?

When you buy any type of life insurance, be it a standard term insurance or a term insurance with return of premium, it is advisable to understand it’s working.

Let us know about the working of TROP with an example.

Mr. Ashok Patel is a 30-year-old man working in a private organisation. He is a healthy man with no bad lifestyle habits like smoking or alcohol consumption. Since he has a loan debt, he purchases a term pan with a sum assured of Rs. 70 lakhs. The duration of his term plan is 40 years.

Now, based on Mr. Patel’s health condition and other factors, the insurance company charges an annual premium of Rs. 12, 718. In the event of Mr. Patel’s demise during the policy period his family (appointed nominee) will receive the full sum assured, i.e., Rs. 70 lakhs as per the agreed terms and conditions.

But, if Mr. Patel survives the policy period, he will be eligible to receive the survival benefits. He will receive back the premium he paid over the years. He will receive Rs. 5,08, 720 (the premium amount – 12, 781 x policy duration – 40) upon policy maturity.

Secure your family future with TROP

In view of the constant rise in the inflation rate and the cost of living, you may be looking for different ways to manage your finances more efficiently. And since TROP allows you to get back the premium you pay, you can use the amount for your various expenses in the future.

Besides, a term insurance with return of premium allows you to protect your family’s future even while you are not around.