Things to know about Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Did you know that the major cause of restaurant fires is the dirty condition of kitchen hoods? Majority of the restaurant fires originate from the kitchen. But this mishap can easily be avoided by following some simple preventive and cleaning procedures.

One easy step towards a safe restaurant kitchen can be keeping your kitchen hood neat and free of dirt. In order to properly clean the hood, it is best to team up with professional companies like Nettoyeurs Provincial de Conduits d’Air who have been in the cleaning sector for more than 25 years.

The steps to be followed while cleaning your restaurant kitchen hood are as follows:

  • Properly cover and insulate the surroundings with thick plastic sheets. This will prevent the spillage/splashing oil dirt on countertops and kitchen walls.
  • Scrap the exteriors of the hood with a moderately rough cloth to clean the oils and grease.
  • Always use scrubs in combination with industry standard degreasers, to get best results.
  • Do not over scrub the surface of the hood, as it might lead to scratches.
  • Use compressed hot air or cleaning liquids in high pressure to splash out the oil and dirt.
  • Remove the cap of the hood and clean the innards and ducts for free passage of smoke.
  • Use hot air to dry the hood after the cleaning is completed.

Professional hood cleaning companies will make sure that your kitchen hood gets cleaned at regular intervals once you register with them. Depending on usage and load borne by the hood, the frequency of cleaning also varies.

  • If your kitchen hood is subjected to only one burning appliance with no major grease or oil exposure, then cleaning it once a year should be sufficient.
  • If your hood serves two or more oily burners and fatty kitchen preparations, then getting it cleaned every six months is not a bad idea.
  • If your hood serves wood burners or more than three burning appliances with heavy fatty oil and grease, then it is best to clean them once every three months.

Always remember to give your hood-cleaning contract to industry leading companies, as their standard of operation will be much better. Companies like Nettoyeurs Provincial de Conduits d’Air make sure that depending on the type of hood in your restaurant kitchen, cleaning is undertaken at regular intervals.

To conclude, to make a safe and efficient kitchen atmosphere, always team up with professional cleaning companies, who will make your kitchen hood shine like new.