Trying to Book a Wedding Band? Here’s a Guide on How Not to Go Wrong!

Music fills every occasion with joy and weddings are no different. Clearly, fussing about finding the suitable band isn’t unusual. Wedding bands are the life and soul of the function. If the musicians aren’t what they claim, the entire function can turn out to be dull. In this guide, we have made a list of the right ways to find out if the band you are about to book is genuine or a sham. Dive in! 

  1. Ask for the Quotation 

Every professional wants transparency before the deal can be made. So, a genuine band always supplies the customers with a form. It’s a basic form that requires details like the number of guests that are expected at the wedding, the number of hours you expect the band to perform for, the type of music you want, etc. Based on the info, the band will be able to provide a suitable quotation. 

So, if the band you want to book doesn’t ask for such details and directly asks for a deposit, the chances are high that it’s a sham.

  1. A Little Digging Doesn’t Harm 

Scrutinize the info on the website. Find out who have been the past clients and try to get in touch with them (if possible). Whether it’s a corporate event that the band has performed at or an intimate ceremony, the experience of the past clients is usually what you’ll be having too. 

So, a little digging can help a lot. 

  1. Seek for USP Services

Only very few cover bands like the MJBE wedding band offer services like listening to their live recording sessions. These musicians are backed by an experience of 5 decades, have performed at hundreds and thousands of events, play diverse music (swing music, rock, and roll, etc. You name it, they play it!). 

You can never go wrong with these people. They have a brand name to protect and live up to. So, you can actually be at ease when you book them. 

  1. Gauge their Flexibility 

Now, some people like having their weddings as a very intimate homely affair and some others book fancy resorts and even a yacht to throw a party. Whoever you are, whatever your budget is, the right band will never have an issue with playing at closed venues or open surroundings. They have the right equipment settings to adjust to the reverb. If they do have an issue, it’s a red flag. 

All in all, wedding bands that are capable seek joy in music and understand the value of memories. These are the kinds that you want at your wedding.