Why Do Commercial Architects Prefer Using Concrete?

Commercial architectures and buildings often find it feasible to use concrete over other building materials. This concept is mostly seen in every urban or downtown area construction. Most of the time when we see concrete, we fail to notice how beautifully it has been used. Classic examples of the Coliseum and the Pantheon are maybe the most highly accepted forms of concrete architecture. The Pantheon’s dome still stands to be the world’s largest reinforced concrete dome in the world.

There are certain benefits as to why architects prefer using this.

  • Concrete is highly economical and affordable for every builder. Hence, this is the best-preferred solution over other popular materials, especially when steel is used for building. Concrete can also help build the most energy-efficient commercial and residential buildings. The concrete buildings reduce the heating and cooling requirements by as low as 29%.
  • Concrete is a local product. This is available across every geographical sector. It does not need to be shipped over greater distances and also leaves positive impacts on the buildings. Also, buying concrete boosts the local economies.
  • Any desired shape can be achieved through concrete. Any imagination by the designers and the architects can be brought to reality. The molds come in handy in shaping the right concrete shapes and structures. This has been regarded as the “fluid material” due to its flowy ability and to attain any shape required.
  • It is needless to say about how strong and durable concrete is. The sturdiness of concretes is very much desired in the commercial building plans and execution. Its use can reinforce strength and can withstand the harshest of natural calamities. It can also withstand long hours of sun or rain altogether. It is a good shoulder to carry immense weights even in times of natural calamities, moisture pressure, or even against pest attacks.
  • The biggest benefit for which concrete is so favorable is its properties to withstand fire. Being a very effective barrier to fire outbreaks, it can resist falling easily. The structures built with concrete may be mixed with fire spreads that would constrict the fire to just one location. This immensely helps in controlling and minimizing the damages and losses.

These astonishing benefits have made concrete a popular choice among the teams of Stendel Reich architecte commercial who never fail to deliver promised results.