Which Exam Is Tougher: The CDS Or The CAPF Exam?

Let us first know both the exams have a very fair difficulty level. The syllabus is almost co-relative in both exams, but the level varies. In the CAPF exam, one needs to score higher marks than CDS in one subject. In the CDS, the minimum cut-off for each subject is 20 percent marks, making it easier to clear. As highlighted in the below picture.

Let’s assume a candidate for CDS O.T.A scores 50 in English(which is easy to score) and 20–22 in General Studies (Which many aspirants find hard to score), and then the total would be 70–72. It will be very easy to clear the exam but not that easy for I.M.A as the aspirants need to cover 50 to 55 marks in the Mathematics exam, and as far as I have experienced, Math is a hard nut to crack in the CDS exam. The score varies for every candidate. All those who have the upper hand in any subject hold a very high stake in clearing the exams and the easiest and scoring subject in CDS in English. If someone can score 70–75+ in English, then CDS will be a cakewalk for the person.

Exam Pattern

If we talk about CAPFs Assistant commandant exam, there are 2 Exams, and they both hold equal importance if someone wants to clear the exam.

The First exam/ Paper 1 consists of General Studies, Maths & reasoning(which is not in the CDSE); this exam is of a very good level, and the cut-off is higher than CDSE’s 20% rule, which makes this exam hard to crack.

Paper 2 – “General Studies, Essay & Comprehension” the name clearly shows it is not just an English descriptive exam but includes General Studies in the description, which is easier than UPSC civil services exam.

Paper 2 will be checked if a candidate clears paper 1 in UPSC CAPF.

Which Exam Is Tougher?

One thing that can be noticed here is that the CAPF exam has a reservation system, so the Candidates belonging to any category entitled to reservations by the Government of India can always have an edge in the exam, unlike CDSE.

In BYJU’s Exam Prep expert’s opinion, CAPF is hard to crack in comparison to CDSE.

How To Crack UPSC CAPF or CDSE Exams?

It is crucial to set a goal to crack any competitive exam. If you determine to crack it, then you should know about the tips mentioned below.

  • Read the Question Properly: Understand what is asked in the question. Read it again dont hastily skip the question just by looking at it. Read it carefully because sometimes the questions that look difficult are actually easy to solve, especially Puzzles.
  • Attempt your strongest topic first: It will help build your confidence for the remainder of the test. However, attempt the more demanding subject in the middle as concentration levels tend to peak at that time.
  • No blind guesswork: Always try to answer the question that you know properly and correctly. Remember, for your one wrong answer; you will get a negative rating which is 1/4. This negative score scrolls down your rank from the top and increases your competitiveness. So, always try to avoid guessing.

Which is more worthy, CAPF or CDS?

To be honest, this question is similar to asking which fruit is tastier, apple or oranges? And now the answer to both these questions is the same, which is; both are equally worthy. BYJU’s Exam Prep provided the in and out of both exams but the preference for one or the other will depend on the person’s own liking and the perks etc.; they want to have. So now it’s up to you to decide which one you would like to join and what for. Plus, you’ll also have to keep in mind that the examination procedures for both exams are completely different. So you can’t even compare their difficulty level with each other.